Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Resources

Here is all the information that you need to know about Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program. 

For a quick look at medical marijuana in Ohio, also check out our FAQ page.

Medical Marijuana Appointment Resources

How To Get Registered For Your Card

How To Obtain Your Medical Records

Medical Marijuana For Veterans

Why Should You Get Your Card Now?

How To Become A Patient Caregiver

Medical Marijuana Post-Appointment Resources

Buying Medical Marijuana In Ohio

How To Purchase CBD Products

Marijuana Prices In Ohio Dispensaries

Using Hypur to Buy Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana 101

Cannabis Glossary

What is the Difference Between THC & CBD?

Understanding Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

Marijuana Consumption Methods Explained

What Are Cannabinoids and Their Medicinal Benefits?

What Are Terpenes and Their Medicinal Benefits?

Medical Benefits of Vaping

Marijuana Concentrates and How To Use Them

Medical Marijuana In Ohio

Why is Smoking Marijuana Prohibited in Ohio?

How to Add More Medical Conditions to Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program

Can I Be Fired For Using Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

Can Medical Marijuana Patients Own Firearms?

Proper Cannabis Storage​​​​​​