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  • Jordan T. Smith

3 Facts About Treating ALS With Medical Marijuana

To say that receiving a diagnosis for ALS is overwhelming would be a drastic understatement. There are numerous reasons why that’s the case, but there are a variety of resources available to those with an ALS diagnosis. Among the resources that can help people living with ALS attain an improved quality of life is medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, due to decades of inaccurate propaganda regarding cannabis, many people living with ALS aren’t aware of the ability cannabis has to treat symptoms associated with the condition. People living with ALS should be sure they have the facts regarding the effect medical marijuana has on ALS symptoms. Here are some of those facts!

Medical Marijuana Has a Similar Impact on ALS as a Multi-Drug Regimen

One of the realities that come with an ALS diagnosis is that the only way to obtain relief from the symptoms it causes is with a cornucopia of prescription drugs. Since there’s no cure for the condition, many people living with it believe that remaining on a steady regimen of medications that provide relief is their only option. This isn’t the case, due to the fact that medical marijuana is available and provides many of the same effects as prescriptions for ALS. In fact, scientific research conducted on the effects of medical marijuana on ALS reveal that it could be instrumental in extending the life expectancy of people living with the condition.

Medical marijuana is believed to possess a similar impact on people living with ALS as a prescription drug regimen, because cannabis offers many of the same properties as those medications. The therapeutic properties within medical marijuana include analgesia, saliva reduction, appetite stimulation, and muscle relaxation. People living with ALS suffering from these symptoms may also benefit from the anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects cannabis can have. Cannabis can be highly effective in treating many of the symptoms people living with ALS endure on a regular basis, but people may be wary about trying it for other reasons, like the fact that they prefer not to inhale anything.

Treating ALS With Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Have to Entail Vaping

The idea that the only way to reap the full benefits of medical marijuana is by vaping or smoking couldn’t be further from the truth. The options for cannabis that are available to medical marijuana patients is only increasing. Those options include tinctures, edibles, topicals along with a few others. Each of the products available at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries have been tested and approved for quality and safety prior to being made available for sale, providing patients with peace of mind that their products are legitimate.

When it comes to the products that are available to Ohio medical marijuana patients living with ALS, there’s no shortage of variety. The options patients have for edibles at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries range from drinks to candy bars. There’s also a wide selection of medical marijuana topicals and tinctures for patients to choose from too. All it takes in order to begin treating ALS symptoms with the products available at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries is proper approval.

A Medical Marijuana Card is Required for Treating ALS with Cannabis in Ohio - Get Yours Today!

Given the impact medical marijuana can have on symptoms related to ALS, people living with the condition would likely benefit from having easy access to it. People living with ALS in Ohio are able to obtain cannabis to treat their condition by simply making an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who can provide approval for a medical marijuana card. That’s also a great way to construct a care plan geared specifically towards treating symptoms related to ALS. Even though living with ALS can be difficult, it’s a proven fact that medical marijuana can provide immense relief to people living with symptoms of the condition.


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