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7 Pot Friendly Presidents

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Bill Clinton had a couple one night stands with Mary Jane too!

1. Barack Obama

When running for president in 2008, Barack admitted to using marijuana during his childhood!

2. George W. Bush

Bush never admitted during his presidency of using marijuana, but after he was out of office was another story. He states that he didn’t want to mention it, due to kids wanting to do the same things he did. Who knew marijuana was the culprit of poor decision making?

3. Bill Clinton

Clinton has commented on trying marijuana when visiting England, although he wasn’t a huge fan. However, we know his track record of truth-telling.. So do we REALLY believe this statement??

4. J.F.K.

Just another reason why he ranks as a fav for most Americans! J.F.K. used marijuana to treat his chronic back pain. There are COUNTLESS benefits marijuana has on treating severe or intractable pain.

5. Franklin Pierce

Known for smoking it with troops during the Mexican-American War. He admitted in a letter to his family that one of the only good things about the war, was Mary Jane!

6. Thomas Jefferson

Smuggling seeds from sea to shining sea! Jefferson brought hemp seeds from China to America. He enjoyed smoking hemp and observing as far as his eyes could see! I’m sure it had to be a LITTLE blurry!

7. George Washington

We alllll know this fellow pot-friendly prez! Washington is known for keeping detailed diaries for his plants, where he carefully documented their progress.


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