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  • Jordan T. Smith

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb Just Expunged More Than 4,000 Marijuana Convictions

As conversations regarding the legalization of cannabis become more commonplace, there are still many Ohioans suffering from the ramifications of decades of cannabis prohibition. However, it seems like politicians are beginning to take steps in the right direction to remedy these injustices. Earlier this month, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb garnered national headlines by expunging 4,077 misdemeanor marijuana convictions. Even though medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, adult recreational cannabis use remains against the law, so this move by the newly-elected mayor is beneficial in a variety of ways. Continue reading below for further insights on the widespread impact of Mayor Bibb expunging these 4,077 marijuana cases.

Demonstrates a Commitment to Social Equity as Adult Use Recreational Marijuana Legalization Looms

Although progress has been made in recent years, and the legalization of adult use cannabis in the coming years seems inevitable, the negative impact the War on Drugs has had on minority communities cannot be overlooked. To see this clearly, you only have to look at the number of Black and Hispanic Americans still locked behind bars for cannabis-related offenses, while the product is simultaneously being sold in storefronts across the country. Making matters even more complicated is the fact that minorities are more likely to face uphill battles when it comes to being able to participate in the new legal marijuana industry. One of their biggest barriers of entry is a criminal record stemming from a nonviolent drug offense.

By expunging the records of more than four thousand misdemeanor marijuana cases, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb displays a necessary commitment to delivering social equity to the realm of legal cannabis. There are numerous actions legislators can take that would be impactful in helping to advance social equity as cannabis becomes more socially accepted, and expunging the records of people that have been convicted of marijuana charges is among the most significant and immediate that mayors and governors can take. This action provides immediate relief to these individuals, as they no longer have to worry about the uphill battle of finding jobs and housing with a criminal record.

Helps Break The Negative Stigma Still Surrounding Cannabis

Among the many problems that result from cannabis prohibition is the negative reputation that it’s developed. Currently, cannabis possesses a federal designation as a schedule 1 drug which is the same designation that heroin and cocaine have. That’s the case even though there’s an abundance of evidence that backs medical marijuana as an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses. Sadly, the fact that there are still thousands of Americans imprisoned for cannabis consumption and possession is enough for people to retain antiquated opinions about it.

Politicians choosing to serve as the catalyst for change by expunging the records of people that have been forced to serve jail time for crimes related to cannabis is instrumental in breaking the stigma surrounding it. The only way for people to stop associating cannabis use with being an act that can result in jail is by freeing people that are still incarcerated for it. This is especially the case as many municipalities have made offenses related to cannabis non-punishable with fines or jail time, as is the case in Mayor Justin Bibb’s jurisdiction of Cleveland.

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