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How to "Go Green" as a Medical Marijuana Patient

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Most patients don’t realize that there are several ways to help contribute to the environment as a medical marijuana patient. Now patients can “go green” in more ways than one! Think about each time you visit the dispensary how many items you purchase, and all of the packaging that comes along with it. Did you know that almost all of these items purchased can be reused, or recycled in some way? See our list below for more information on how medical marijuana patients can start making an impact on the environment with each visit to the dispensary.

Reuse Your Bags

A local dispensary in Bowling Green, Soothe is helping the environment one bag at a time! Soothe encourages patients to bring back their smell proof bags the next time they come in to get their medication so they are not wasting another bag each time they visit the dispensary.

Recycle Containers

This one seems like a no-brainer. However, there are some things you need to know before recycling just any empty container from the dispensary. You may recycle the plastic containers that your flower or gummies come in, as well as glass jars. The first thing you should do is remove the label before disposing so that no information is left out with your name or physician's name on it.

Reuse Mylar Bags & Silicone Containers

You may not be able to recycle all of your containers from the dispensary, but you can re-use them! For example, concentrates tend to come in silicone which is not recyclable, because silicone must be sent to a special recycling facility. This is a container you might be interested in reusing for small items lying around the house or maybe you want to use it for a DIY project!

Mylar bags can be reused to keep items from getting wet. Some ideas for reusing mylar bags might be for headphones, or smaller items such as bobby pins or hair ties. Keep in mind that smaller bags such as those from Firelands Scientific, can be recycled just make sure to take a look at the back of the package to confirm that it is able to be recycled.


Why hurt the trees when you can help the trees! Vaping is just another way medical marijuana patients can go green and help out the environment. Smoking or combusting cannabis in the state of Ohio is prohibited by the State Board of Pharmacy, however different forms of vaping are allowed. Vaping your medical marijuana is not only safer for patients than smoking it, but it is also much better for the environment as smoking emits CO2 into the air which is toxic to the environment.

Medical marijuana patients can purchase vape pens from the dispensary that are now refillable. So instead of disposing of your pen each time, instead you can choose a syringe concentrate of your choice, and refill the top portion of your pen. Canton dispensary, Zen Leaf, offers patients 300 “loyalty points” when they bring back their empty cartridges. These points can be redeemed for various discounts and deals, which can end up saving patients money in the long run.

Dispensaries across the state all have different protocols or guidelines for the types of bags or packaging used for patients exiting the dispensary. Did you know that dispensaries are not required to use smell proof bags? This is because no product should give off the scent of marijuana since it has all remained inside the original container. All medical marijuana products purchased at a dispensary are completely sealed and are not to be opened until the patient gets home, so depending on the dispensary and what was agreed upon with their compliance agent, they must remain within these guidelines.

Each dispensary is different, some dispensaries let patients leave with their medication in a brown paper bag, while others have smell proof/childproof bags which as discussed, can be reused each time. Whether you decide to reuse your bag each time you visit the dispensary, or maybe you choose to recycle or reuse your brown bag as a gift bag-- there are plenty of ways you can “go green” as a medical marijuana patient in Ohio!

Ohio Marijuana Doctors

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