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  • Jordan T. Smith

How to Save Money at Ohio MMJ Dispensaries: Proper Storage

Patients who qualify for a medical marijuana card in Ohio often experience a combination of exhilaration at the variety of products available at dispensaries, and sticker shock at the retail prices of cannabis in Ohio.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save money on your medical marijuana purchases in Ohio! We’ve put together a series of posts on saving money at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries to help you, as well as a dispensary savings guide to give you ideas and insights for the best ways to get the best deals on cannabis.

We’re here to help you make the most of the money you spend on your natural wellness, because you deserve to feel your best today and every day!

One way to make the most of your medical marijuana budget, is to ensure you are properly storing your products. Proper storage provides patients not only with savings, but a better experience overall with their products because they remain fresher for longer.

Since proper preservation of medical marijuana products provides patients with more savings and better relief, there’s no reason not to take the extra steps that come with ensuring that they’re stored correctly.

To get more insights about the facts on how to properly store medical marijuana products and additional benefits of doing so, keep reading below.

Make Sure You’re Preserving Medical Marijuana Products Properly

A little known fact about medical marijuana is that proper cannabis preservation is crucial to making sure that its potency levels remain high, even as the product begins to age. The best practice for storing marijuana changes based on the item being stored. Even though identifying and applying the best practice for storing cannabis products could get cumbersome, the payoff is worthwhile for patients hoping to increase their savings.

This is the case because proper preservation ensures that medical marijuana products stay as fresh as they were when you bought them, until you’re done consuming them.

Tips for Correctly Preserving Medical Marijuana Tinctures

Medical marijuana patients seeking an item with a particularly long shelf-life benefit from using tinctures. Patients can continue using tinctures for a year or longer without any signs of decreasing quality. In order to preserve medical marijuana tinctures, patients simply have to let it stay in its original container. Another option for patients is to refrigerate tinctures after purchasing them, but it’s not by any means mandatory.

Tips For Correctly Saving Edibles

When it comes to making sure edibles purchased from medical marijuana dispensaries don’t deteriorate in quality, the most important thing patients can do is ensure that they’re stored properly. As far as which edibles last the longest, cannabis-infused cooking oils like cannabis tend to remain fresh longer than other sorts of edibles. They can also be frozen.

When it comes to gummies and candy-type edibles, it’s a completely different ballgame. Those sorts of edibles should be kept in an air-tight container before being placed in a dim, chill, area. This is comparable to how baked edibles should be stored. The main difference between the two is that the potential for mold and dehydration to attract to baked goods after long-term storage is high, so that means it's best to consume them within a few days, rather than saving them.

Tips for Correctly Storing Medical Marijuana Concentrates and Extracts

There’s no better resource for short-term conservation of medical marijuana extracts and concentrates than a silicone container. It’s important to ensure that cannabis concentrates and extracts are stored away from the heat.

When it comes to storing cannabis concentrates and extracts for a long time, the best practice is to wrap them into parchment paper, then store it in an air-tight container prior to sealing it into a tight, recyclable sandwich bag. Freezing concentrates is possible with the correct methods, but caution needs to be taken in order not to waste the dabs since condensation can destroy them.

Correctly Saving Medical Marijuana Flower

In terms of quality levels decreasing as time goes on, cannabis flower is probably the item most susceptible to those types of declines. Flower is capable of drying out, while terpenes are capable of dissipating especially fast after being exposed to enough air. Cannabis flower can also attract mold after experiencing high moisture levels.

Medical marijuana patients in possession of excess spending cash benefit from thinking about making an investment in a cannadore system. This helps provide highly compressed storage levels with the ideal humidity level. Those who can’t afford to go all-out on a cannadore system can do just fine with ensuring their cannabis buds are sealed in a tight storage container that remains in a dim, chill location.

Correctly Storing Vape Cartridges

Storing vape cartridges properly is slightly easier considering the fact that they are sold pre-packaged with shielding from the air exposure that can damage it. Among the most important tips to remember when it comes to saving cannabis vape cartridges is that it's best if they’re kept in a perpendicular position, and away from brightness and high temperatures.

Additionally, it should be remembered that even though vape cartridges are capable of lasting through cold temperatures, they should never be frozen.

Don’t Let Costs Keep You Away From the Relief You Deserve - Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!

By properly conserving the items you buy at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to patients that their hard earned funds will stretch even further than they anticipated. Even though price is a reasonable barrier preventing many Ohioans from pursuing medical marijuana, there’s no question that patients who make the investment receive their money’s worth.

In fact, after trying medical marijuana you may find that the money being spent on over-the-counter medication doesn’t stretch as far as with products purchased from Ohio dispensaries. To experience how Ohio’s medical marijuana program could lead to better relief without the financial burden, book an appointment with a medical marijuana physician today!


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