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KLUTCH - Gold Leaf Sponsor of the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus

Updated: May 31, 2022

We’re excited to have KLUTCH Cannabis as a Gold Leaf Sponsor of the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus this June. KLUTCH was created in Ohio, with the goal in mind of honoring the individuals they serve. KLUTCH Cannabis strives to provide Ohio’s medical marijuana patients with the most medicinally beneficial products on the market.

Research and Development

KLUTCH Cannabis is always working on improving its products. Lately, their research and development efforts have gone into making their Luster Pod and Vape Cart line the best they can be. Patients are already starting to see the changes, as the new Live Resin Luster Pods and Vape Carts have been extremely popular.

Popular Products

At the last Ohio Marijuana Expo in Cincinnati, attendees voted KLUTCH as their favorite exhibitor of the show mostly because they saw their favorite products displayed. KLUTCH is always adding new products, too, and they have a lot of new strains out lately that are just starting to gain traction in the market.

One new product is Pineapple PZ (Lemon Sorbetto x Watermelon Zkittles), which has a sweet pineapple, tart candy, and citrus flavor. Another new product is Apricot Gelato (Gelato #1 x Legend Orange Apricot), which has a terpinolene-dominant, sweet, apricot-citrus, and gelato/cake flavor that is a little reminiscent of their Orange 43.

KLUTCH just announced that they are releasing a new concentrate, Live Glaciers and Sauce, in a new 3.36-gram “baller jar.”

The product is an extension of their Live Diamonds and Sauce line and stands out by the inclusion of extra-large “glacier-sized” THCa diamonds. The larger jar is also one of the most competitively priced concentrates in the program currently. KLUTCH anticipates those should start hitting shelves on Wednesday, May 25th, and will be rolled out statewide over the next couple of weeks.

Klutch cannabis is also proud to be the exclusive partner of Kiva Confections in Ohio, manufacturing Kiva’s delicious Camino Gummies, Terra Bites, Chocolate Bars, and Petra Mints. Kiva’s passion for providing the highest quality and most tailored edible experience in cannabis is right at home in Klutch’s lineup. Klutch is excited to announce the relaunch of Kiva’s Petra Mint line, which now includes 4 great, sugar-free flavors: Tart Cherry, Pineapple, Moroccan Mint, and Blackberry CBN. Each mint provides a perfect 2.5 mg microdose of THC. Up next for Klutch x Kiva in Ohio is the introduction of three amazing Camino Sour flavors, which will be sold in packs of twenty 10 mg gummies and should start hitting shelves around July and August of this year!

Despite their new products, Live Resin Luster Pods have been extremely popular at KLUTCH. Their team has poured a lot of energy into improving their vape lines in general. KLUTCH has also been working hard to improve their concentrate lines and has coupled that with some pretty significant price reductions, making those products more accessible to patients. These products are all widely available around the state!

Why Choose KLUTCH Cannabis

KLUTCH believes its staff set them apart from other businesses in the field. Each staff member makes up a brilliant team of hardworking employees who consider themselves a part of the patient community. Everyone at KLUTCH is laser-focused on continuous improvement and making the kind of products that they would want to use. KLUTCH focuses on quality and they’re not satisfied until their products are the best they can be.

KLUTCH Cannabis has shared with us that their best marketing tactic is letting their products speak for themselves; that’s where they’ve put most of their energy. Klutch is also extremely proud to be a 100% Ohio-owned and operated cannabis company. In valuing their roots, they feel much better stewards as a part of the community they’re serving.

KLUTCH just announced the award of two provisional dispensary licenses that should open by the end of this year. The addition of these two new dispensary licenses in Canton and Lorain has finally created the opportunity for KLUTCH to interact directly with patients and to control how their products are marketed and sold. KLUTCH has a lot to look forward to and can’t wait to see everyone face to face!

To see KLUTCH for yourself and to meet their amazing staff, purchase tickets for the Expo at


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