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Ohio Dispensary Operations During COVID-19

Ohio Marijuana Dispensaries COVID-19

Over the course of the last month, medical marijuana regulators in Ohio moved quickly to announce policy changes which allowed dispensaries to implement new procedures so that they could continue operating, while ensuring the safety of patients.

In response to these relaxed regulations, dispensaries have rapidly made adjustments to their operations, many of which now offer services such as call ahead ordering, curbside pickup, and dedicated hours for those who are immunocompromised. These newly implemented services thankfully allow patients to continue accessing their medication, without having to put themselves at risk.

In guidance issued by the Department of Health,, Ohio dispensaries were directed to implement enhanced safety protocols to ensure immunocompromised and elderly patients are able to obtain their medication safely. Medical marijuana dispensaries across the state have now created dedicated hours for patients with weakened immune systems. During these select special hours, elderly or immunocompromised patients/caregivers will be the only individuals allowed to enter the dispensary. Many medical marijuana patients who suffer from conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, lupus, diabetes and several other chronic conditions have already benefited from this new procedure.

A few of the dispensaries that have already implemented these special group hours are Ohio Cannabis Company, Ohio Provisions, and Strawberry Fields.

Dispensaries such as The Botanist and FRX Health, have not yet implemented dedicated hours, however they do offer curbside pickup at this time.

Other facilities in Ohio have gone so far as to shut their doors indefinitely until we have more clarity regarding the weeks ahead. .

With everything changing day-to-day, be sure to call ahead before visiting your local dispensary to see what safety precautions they have implemented.

These new policies increase the safety of all medical marijuana patients in Ohio, and Dispensary employees are continuing to work diligently in order to make sure the process is safe and easy for patients during these challenging times.

At Ohio Marijuana Card, we will continue to share updates with you regarding Ohio dispensaries. If you would like to know if a dispensary near you is offering call ahead ordering or curbside pickup click here. For all other pricing and discount information, please click here.

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