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  • Jennifer Betz

Ohio Marijuana Expo Returns to Educate, Entertain and Delight Attendees

The Ohio Marijuana Expo kicked off its 2021 return at the Summit County Fairgrounds on October 2nd, to enthusiastic participants, vendors and attendees who had been waiting for a cannabis celebration like no other.

The largest marijuana expo in Ohio, with more than four thousand attendees and nearly a hundred vendors, this event was an enormous success! We at Ohio Marijuana Card want to thank the community, our sponsors, guest speakers and presenters, and everyone who came out and had a great time connecting and honoring the healing powers of plant medicine.

Amber Miller of Green Thumb Industries made it clear that the Ohio Marijuana Expo was one of the best events around for vendors and attendees alike. “Finding ways to get out and connect with our community is a challenge in our industry,” she noted.

But the expo broke down the barriers between medical marijuana and patient understanding. “The patrons of the day were insightful and just happy to finally have this level of information available to them directly from the industry itself. The day was filled with great experiences and direct feedback from the community. We can’t wait to be involved with the next event.”

Green Thumb Industries and residents of Ohio and surrounding states won’t have to wait long! Ohio Marijuana Card already has its next event in the works. The next Ohio Marijuana Expo will be at the Sharonville Convention Center on April 2nd, 2022.

Stay tuned to Ohio Marijuana Card on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information as it becomes available. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest in cannabis in Ohio and the region. And make sure you check back with the Ohio Marijuana Expo website as the event draws closer, for a vendor list, speaker schedule, and to buy tickets before they sell out!


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