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Ohio State Board of Pharmacy Temporarily Halts All Sales Of THC Oils After Labeling Dispute

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

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This morning, Cincinnati Online reported that all sales of THC oils have been halted temporarily due to a labeling dispute marking the first time officials have intervened since the program began.

A 1 milliliter syringe of marijuana concentrate was sold as containing 590 milligrams of THC, however the label on the product that showed testing lab levels may have incorrectly indicated the product had higher levels of THC.

Cameron McNamee, director of policy and communications for the pharmacy board said that the numbers were off by more than the 5% buffer that the state allows.

According to the report, McNamee said the oil was not recalled because it was sold under the lower, actual amount of THC it contained.

"Patients don’t have to worry because they’re getting the dose that’s listed on the packaging," McNamee said. "We were able to go back to verify it did indeed meet the requirements."

This is a nuanced issue that basically comes down to different interpretations of the regulations. Read a deeper dive at


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