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  • Alec Chenkus

Standard Wellness Calls for Voluntary Recall

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Over the weekend it was reported by Jackie Borchardt that Standard Wellness - a cultivation and processing facility in Gibsonburg - had announced a voluntary recall of their 110 mg (THC) water-soluble drops: "The Standard Drops".

The water-soluble drops were introduced a few months ago as one of Standard Wellness' first processed products, with more than 3,288 bottles of drops being sold at about $40 per bottle. Last week, patients reported on social media that they were finding "dark-colored debris" in two bottles of the water-soluble drops manufactured in April and May.

The Ohio Department of Commerce has confirmed that the drops passed lab testing. According to the OMMCP's announcement on the recall, patients are eligible for a full refund for any Standard Wellness' drops that were manufactured prior to July 3, 2019. The Product ID # of the products affected include:

  • M00000021820: Tin Oral Admin-4-0-27.5

  • M00000028304: Tin Oral Admin-4.64-0-23.7

The drops can be returned to the dispensary where they were purchased to receive the refund. If patients have any concerns over a product in an Ohio dispensary you are allowed to return any unused product to the dispensary where purchased; returned products will not count toward your 90-day limit. You can always contact your local dispensary in these situations, or contact the state's toll-free help line at (833-464-6627).

While the recall has not been deemed mandatory as the there have been no reports of patients falling ill or experiencing other adverse affects from the drops, Standard Wellness called for the recall "out of abundance of caution and for patient safety." The Ohio Department of Commerce has halted the sales of Standard Wellness' drops until an investigation into the matter can be conducted.

Standard Wellness has stated that the company has added an additional sterilization measure for their bottle and dropper packaging, and there will be a former FDA safety expert reviewing their production process this week. It is unclear at this time if Standard Wellness will reintroduce "The Drops" in the future.

In the meantime Grow Ohio (labeled as "Butterfly Effect") has two tincture options currently available in 220 mg (THC) and 440 mg (THC), in addition to new processors coming to market in the next few weeks!


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