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Take a Look at RiSE Dispensary in Lorain!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

RiSE Dispensary - Ohio
RiSE Dispensary in Lorain is open and available to Ohio patients

Every patient is different; some patients may be veteran cannabis users while some patients may have never tried cannabis nor visited a dispensary. For the latter, the prospect of visiting a new dispensary can be intimidating. How do you know what to buy? Is the dispensary staff friendly and knowledgeable? And how does the process of purchasing cannabis from a dispensary work?

RiSE Dispensary in Lorain, OH

RiSE dispensary in Lorain is an experienced group of passionate individuals focused on expanding cannabis access to patients. RiSE is owned by Green Thumb Industries (GTI), a nationally recognized and respected cannabis entity operating in multiple states across the country.

Exterior of RiSE Dispensary in Lorain
RiSE Dispensary in Lorain is located at 1920 Cooper Foster Park

Bringing experience from previous states, GTI created RiSE dispensaries to provide patients with a comforting and educational environment. Whether you want to get in and out with your products or you want to take the time to talk with a medical professional, RiSE dispensary will be the ideal choice for your needs.

RiSE - Lorain is located at 1920 Cooper Foster Park in the town of Amherst. The facility has an easily recognizable sign on the front of the building and a significant amount of parking for patients, including handicap parking available directly in front of the building.

You will have to be buzzed into the check-in area, and once you enter you will produce your State I.D. and Patient Registry card so that the Rise team can you check in to the system.

After you have been checked in, you will be guided into a waiting room where you will need to fill out some quick paperwork on your first visit. Once you have completed Rise's intake form for the first time, they will scan it and keep it on file to speed up the check-in process on your next visit.

RiSE - Lorain Menu and Pricing

Once you have been fully checked in, you will have the option to either go directly back to the Show Room, or you can also request a private consultation with a team member to review the menu and the symptoms you want to be addressed. This is an ideal option for patients that are newer to cannabis treatment as you have as much time as you need to ask questions and gather insight from the Rise staff.

RiSE Dispensary in Lorain
RiSE - Lorain Dispensary Show Room

The Show-Room is a very clean and minimal atmosphere, allowing the focus to remain on the conversation you are having with the budtender in addition to the cannabis products that are offered. The room is designed to allow patients to take the time reviewing different strains via the menu and display jars that have an opening to check the aromas on a particular strain.

Rise - Lorain currently offers a variety of different flower strains from cultivators including Agri-Med Ohio, Calyx Peak, Firelands Scientific, Standard Wellness, Woodward, Pure Ohio Wellness, Buckeye Relief, Farkas Farms, and Cresco Labs. Flower is available in an Ohio Tenth package (2.83 grams) ranging between $29 and $47, in addition to an option from Woodward in a 2-day package (5.66 grams) for $75 and an option from Firelands Scientific in a 3-day package (8.49 grams) for $88.

In addition to the flower selection Rise - Lorain offers processed products from Ohio processors including Standard Wellness, Grow Ohio, Buckeye Relief, and Cure Ohio.


  • Grow Ohio: 220 mg (THC) for $70

  • Grow Ohio: 440 mg (THC) for $110


  • Standard Wellness: "Gumm-Ease" gummies (55 mg THC) for $37

  • Standard Wellness: "Gibsonburg Gummies" (110 mg THC) for $44

  • Grow Ohio: "Butterfly Effect" gummies (110 mg THC) for $64

  • Buckeye Relief: dark chocolate (104 mg THC) for $37

  • Buckeye Relief: "Wana-brand" gummies in a hybrid option (100 mg THC) for $45


  • Buckeye Relief: Fresh Frozen Live Resin (65.6% THC) in a 0.6 gram option for $56

  • Cure Ohio: 300 mg (THC) disposable vape in indica, sativa, and hybrid options for $47

  • Cure Ohio: 500 mg vape kit, available in THC-dominant sativa option and 2:1 CBD/THC option for $75


  • Standard Wellness: "Manna-brand" transdermal patches available in a 5-pack of 10 mg (THC) patches for $57, or a 5-pack of 27 mg (THC) patches for $70

  • Standard Wellness: 1:1 CBD/THC topical salve for $90

In addition to the cannabis products Rise - Lorain offers, they also have some of the essential accessories that patients might need. This includes a grinder to ensure that your cannabis is properly broken down for vaporization, in addition to three different vaporizers available at different price points.

You can find a current menu for RiSE - Lorain using the page on our website by clicking here.

Overall, Rise - Lorain's experience from other states is apparent as the process of visiting this dispensary is so strongly patient-oriented. From the choice of location, to the design of the facility, to the products they carry and the team they staff, you will find any answers that you may have with this team!


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