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The Best Apps For Medical Marijuana Patients in Ohio

Best Apps for Ohio Medical Marijuana PAtients

As Ohio's medical marijuana industry continues to grow, new resources continue to be made available to assist patients throughout the process. There are currently a number of applications available for medical marijuana patients that can serve as a great tool to have at your fingertips! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cannabis-related apps and the features that they have to offer. Leafly - Free Download

Leafly is one of the most popular online destinations for cannabis users seeking information about products. With the Leafly app, you can access detailed information about hundreds of different strains and read reviews from other users. Leafly also provides news articles and informational resources about using cannabis, as well as general updates about the industry. Some dispensaries also post their menus on Leafly, allowing patients to review available products, find the latest discounts and deals, and in some instances, place orders online. Weedmaps - Free Download

Weedmaps is a great resource for patients searching for dispensary locations and menus! Many dispensaries regularly update their menus on the Weedmaps platform, making it easy and convenient for patients to explore different products, find the best deals, and place orders online. Similar to Leafly, Weedmaps also has educational resources available to help patients better understand how cannabis works, and which products might be best for them. Releaf App: Cannabis Tracking - Free Download

The Releaf App enables patients to track their experience using medical marijuana, similar to a patient journal. The app makes it easy to document the dosage, side effects, feelings, and symptom relief for each product that you use. With such a large variety of cannabis products available, it can be challenging to determine which products provide the most relief. By tracking your experience with each product in the Releaf App, you can narrow down which products you like, which you don’t, and determine how to most effectively use cannabis moving forward. TheWeedTube - Free To Download TheWeedTube is a cannabis-friendly social media platform that allows users to upload videos related to different cannabis categories. This app is a great resource for patients as you can watch videos that pertain to cannabis education, using CBD, cooking with cannabis, tutorials, and more!

If you believe you qualifying and are interested in becoming a medical marijuana patient in Ohio, we are here to help! To schedule an appointment, please call us at 866-457-5559 or schedule online today.

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