• Suzanna Thallman

University of Cincinnati Now Offering Cannabis Program

The University of Cincinnati has announced that they are launching a Cannabis Studies Certification.

The certification will include courses on history, culture, society and other topics related to cannabis. Currently, the university offers courses such as ‘Introduction to Hemp and Medical Cannabis’, but the administration wanted to take it a step further by expanding into a certificate program. The program will include five, 3 credit hour courses. Students will also have the freedom to choose up to three courses based on their individual industry interests or job preference.

One major driving force for the program to kick-off was the amount of misinformation of cannabis available online. One thing the cannabis community can agree on is the importance of education surrounding marijuana. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, Horticulture Program Professor Sue Trusty stated that much of the information currently available is not research-based.

Historically, universities have avoided doing such research because it is still illegal on the federal level. The goal of the University of Cincinnati’s program is to prepare students who wish to pursue careers in the cannabis industry.

Which university do you think will be next for Ohio?

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