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About Ohio Marijuana Card

Our Story

In 2011 at the age of 44, our company co-founder was diagnosed with stage four neck cancer. Eight subsequent surgeries, 65 sessions of radiation and additional chemotherapy were to follow. By 2014 he was cancer free and remained so, but debilitating effects from treatment left him with chronic pain. Like so many others, he became addicted to opioids and felt somewhat hopeless. Opioids were slowly destroying his body, yet he had no other options....or so he thought.


One day while at the pharmacy picking up yet another opioid prescription, he ran into an old friend who happened to be a marijuana grower. The two began to speak and soon thereafter he began to try marijuana as an option to relieve pain. It worked and he also stopped taking pills! At that moment, Ohio Marijuana Card was born.


As a career entrepreneur, he began to wonder how he could share with others the amazing benefits of marijuana that he experienced. Within a few short months, a close friend introduced him to an Ohio-based businessman who had long been a proponent of medical marijuana in the Buckeye state. This was a year prior to our state’s launch of the medical marijuana program. The two thought the best way to help educate people about medical marijuana was through physicians who shared their belief that marijuana was simply a better alternative to pills for a variety of ailments. Most who aspire to be in the marijuana business look to open a dispensary or a grow facility, but not our owners. They instead believed that without education from compassionate physicians, many would be reluctant to try something so new that is often misunderstood. The two became partners, formulated a plan and prepared for the Board of Pharmacy to launch the patient registry. The rest is history!


Medical marijuana had offered pain relief to one of our founders, and it would allow his new partner to fulfill his dream of medical marijuana in Ohio as well.


Today we operate in six states and have seen hundreds of thousands of patients. Cancer is an awful diagnosis to have, but medical marijuana and a chance meeting led to where we are today. All of us at Ohio Marijuana Card only hope that you too receive relief from whatever ailment you might have.

Mission Statement

Ohio Medical Alliance and Ohio Marijuana Card have a simple mission; help patients living with a qualifying condition access the extraordinary benefits of medical marijuana. Achieving this goal requires every member of the OMC team to be compassionate, and knowledgeable, and show care for every patient we have the pleasure of working with. Our team of certified physicians is committed to providing recommendations for all qualified patients with discretion, and without judgment. With convenient telemedicine services, flexible payment options, and a stress-free approval process, OMC is committed to bringing relief to all Ohioans in need.

Guiding Philosophy and Values

Ohio Marijuana Card aims to connect qualifying patients with compassionate and knowledgeable physicians at an affordable cost. Since then, we have expanded to serve patients nationwide; it is an honor that, over the last few years, we have established the largest patient database in Ohio based on our unflinching commitment to doing right by our patients.

As a medical marijuana patient himself, our founder learned very quickly that many medical marijuana physician groups seemed to be more concerned with selling an appointment rather than connecting with the patient to help understand and guide them through medical marijuana treatment. With that, we put together a Patient Support Center that is available to any individual interested in medical marijuana treatment. While our Patient Support team is trained to help patients obtain medical marijuana treatment in Ohio, they are there for much more than just scheduling appointments: we've gathered an incredible group of motivated and passionate individuals with only one goal in mind - get you the relief you deserve!

As the program has progressed in Ohio, we have further turned our attention to a comprehensive campaign of cannabis education! This has taken many forms, whether it be our monthly newsletters that contain updates, announcements, and breaking news about Ohio's program or breaking the stigma of cannabis through our blog series "History of Cannabis Use" and "Cannabis Myths".

At Ohio Marijuana Card, we have only one focus: providing our patients with the highest level of quality of care while cultivating a compassionate and non-judgmental environment so that patients can feel confident during their appointments.

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