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Ohio Marijuana Telemedicine - Get Approved From Home

Get Approved for an Ohio Marijuana Card from Home

The team of marijuana doctors at Ohio Marijuana Card are now offering telemedicine appointments. This means that you can now have your medical marijuana evaluation from the safety and comfort of your home, and the approval process has never been easier! During this uncertain time, the health and wellness of our patients and employees comes first, so we are excited that we are now able to provide medical marijuana patients in Ohio with this convenient service. Schedule your telemed evaluation and get approved today!

Telemedicine for Medical Marijuana in Ohio - How It Works

Telemed allows patients with a qualifying condition to get approved by a certified doctor through video conference. We use a HIPAA compliant video conferencing software that is incredibly easy to use for patients. You don't even need a computer, as the platform can be accessed on any smartphone web browser!


Here's how it works. After booking your appointment online, or by calling us at 866-457-5559, an intake form will be sent to your email address. In the intake form, you'll have an opportunity to share your medical records and other information the doctor will need prior to issuing a medical marijuana recommendation. Once you've completed the intake form, and we have copies of your medical records and your state-issued ID, you'll be all set for your appointment!


The evening before your appointment, we'll send you a link through email, as well as in a text message. The link can be accessed on a computer, or on your phone. You'll then enter a virtual waiting room. Once it is your turn, the video conference with the doctor will begin.  After the doctor speaks with you about medical marijuana and confirms your qualifying condition, you will receive your recommendation for medical marijuana.  

After your appointment, you'll be registered with the state board of pharmacy and receive your medical marijuana card. With the marijuana card in hand, you'll have access to all medical marijuana dispensaries across Ohio!

Telemedicine In 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1


Schedule an appointment online or by calling us

at 866-457-5559.

Step 2


Share your medical records, state ID, and make payment. 

Step 3


Connect with the doctor using your phone or computer.

Step 4


Receive your Ohio marijuana card and access dispensaries.

Get Approved Through Telemed

How Soon Can I Get Approved With Telemedicine?

Providing evaluations through telemed allows us more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. We are now able to offer appointments 7 days a week, with extended hours. This increased availability means that you can get approved for medical marijuana as soon as you want, once you've completed the following steps. If you're fast, you can even get approved today!

Step 1: Schedule an appointment online, or by calling us at 866-457-5559.

Step 2: Complete the intake form sent to your email address.

Step 3: Ensure we have copies of your medical records showing your qualifying condition, as well as your state-issued ID. You'll have an opportunity to upload this information in your intake form, but you can also send these documents through email or fax.

Step 4: Make payment with a credit or debit card by phone.

Step 5: Once steps 1 - 4 are complete, you're good to go. We will then be able to move your appointment up as soon as you'd like, even same-day, and get you speaking with the doctor from the comfort of your home.

Patients are registered the very same-day that they meet with the doctor, so you can quickly obtain your medical marijuana card and access Ohio dispensaries!

The Benefits of Telemed

The use of telemed provides convenience to our patients. Here are just a few of the benefits of using telemedicine for medical marijuana evaluations.

  1. ​Health and Safety of Patients and Our Team
    Telemedicine offers patients the benefit of being evaluated for medical marijuana treatment from the comfort and safety of their own home. During these unprecedented and uncertain times, it is important that we all do our best to follow the CDC guidelines and embrace social distancing to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The use of telemed helps to ensure the safety and health of our patients and staff.

  2. Increased Accessibility
    Many of our patients live with chronic and debilitating conditions that can make it challenging to physically get to one of our offices. This is why we initially began offering at-home evaluations, as the state of Ohio wouldn't allow us to evaluate patients without an in-person physical examination. With new regulations in place that allow for telemed, none of our patients need to worry about the ordeal of finding transportation and getting themselves to one of our offices. Now, you can get approved from anywhere using a smartphone, computer, or tablet!

  3. Save Time Without The Drive
    With the use of telemedicine, you no longer to need to have an in-person evaluation with one of our physicians. This means no need to drive to our office or find transportation. In addition to saved time from not driving, telemed also means no more time spent in the waiting room of the doctor's office reading magazines. With our virtual waiting room, you will be able to continue your daily activities until it is time for your appointment.

  4. Same-Day Registration
    Once patients are approved and receive their recommendation for medical marijuana, they will be registered the very same day with Ohio's medical marijuana program, so they can begin accessing dispensaries right away!

How Easy Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine appointments are easy, so don't worry if you aren't too good with technology. Anyone can do it! When it is time for your appointment, we'll send you a link to your email. We'll also send the link through text message to ensure you receive it.  All you need to do is click the link, using a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and you'll be entered into the waiting room. At the time of your appointment, you'll be connected with the doctor. It's that easy!  

Schedule a Telemed Appointment With Ohio Marijuana Card

With an Ohio marijuana card in hand, you will be able to access all dispensaries across the state of Ohio and purchase a variety of products from cannabis flower, edibles, tinctures and more!

To schedule a telemedicine appointment or if you have any questions regarding the process, patients can call our Patient Support Center at (866-457-5559) or schedule their appointment online.

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