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About Buckeye Relief

Buckeye Relief is a Level 1 cultivation and processing facility located in Eastlake, Ohio. Buckeye Relief passed final inspection back in July of 2018, becoming the one of the first four approved cultivation facilities in Ohio!

Buckeye Relief was founded in 2016 by Andy Rayburn and Scott Halloran, two individuals that have been instrumental in the development of Ohio's medical marijuana industry.

Buckeye Relief has a website with further information on their operations, including contact information, recent research on the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, as well as looks behind the operations via the many news organizations that have covered Buckeye Relief.

Buckeye Relief Cultivation Facility.jpg

Buckeye Relief's Ohio Cultivation

Buckeye Relief utilizes hydroponic cannabis cultivation, with the following features integrated:

  • 60% of water used each day on the plants is recycled water, a part of their state-of-the-art condensate recapture system

  • Plants are cloned from mother plants using Buckeye Relief's original seeding.

  • Precise environmental controls for CO2, light, humidity, and air quality.

  • Automated fertilization and irrigation.

  • Incoming water filtration with revese osmosis system.

  • Condensation from HVAC units is captured, cleaned, stored, and recycled in the irrigation system.

  • High-efficiency, full-spectrum Fluence LED lights.

  • In-house testing lab.

Buckeye Relief has had the largest variety of strain selection available out of Ohio cultivators so far. Buckeye has recently begun introducing half oz (14.15 grams) options as well as full oz (28.35 grams) options in a number of different strain choices. Most recently, Buckeye Relief introduced 2.5 oz packages! Some of the more recent strains include:

  • Rude Boi OG **Now in 1 oz. options!**

  • Cosmic Glue **Now in 1 oz. options!**

  • California Dream **Now in 1/2 oz. options!**

  • Sunshine Lime **Now in 1/2 oz. options!**

  • 92 Cookies

  • Grapefruit Sour Dream

  • Velvet Blush

  • Poochie Love

  • Blue Mountain Koffee

  • Dosidos 22

  • Apple Pie

  • Comet 10​

Buckeye Relief's Processing

Buckeye Relief was also the fourth operational cannabis processor in the entire state, receiving final approval in June of 2019. Since then, Buckeye Relief has released a few different processed products:​

  1. Edible Gummies, in partnership with "Wana" brand:

    1. Blueberry (indica)​

    2. Mango (sativa)

    3. Watermelon (hybrid)

    4. Strawberry Lemonade (1:1 CBD/THC)

    5. Exotic Yuzu (2:1 CBD/THC)

    6. Strawberry (10:1 CBD/THC)

  2. Kief: also known as cannabis crystals or dry sift, kief is a solventless extract made up of resinous trichomes from dried or flash frozen flower that accumulate during various processing operations. Kief is tasty and potent, so we collect everything we can, sift it through a mesh screen to separate out the finest crystals, and package it with a dosing spoon. 

  3. Edible Milk & Dark Chocolates: Formulated by Buckeye Relief's Executive Chef using only the best ingredients. Pieces of high quality chocolate each infused with cannabis-derived THC extracted from plants grown according to the highest cultivation standards.

  4. Fresh Frozen Live Resin: fresh frozen live resin is an artisanal butane hash oil made in small, single-strain batches. Buckeye Relief flash-freezes a freshly harvested plant and extracts the whole-plant resin at subzero temperatures. This process maintains the delicate but powerful terpene and cannabinoid structure, giving the finished product the robust flavors and aromas of a live plant. After extraction, the Live Resin is placed in a vacuum oven to purge any excess solvent. All Buckeye Relief products are tested in-house and at a licensed third-party lab to ensure stringent quality standards, including testing for residual solvents.

    1. Close Encounters​

    2. DBL Platinum Alien

    3. Conspiracy Kush

    4. Grapefruit Sour Dream

    5. Koffee Cake

    6. And many, many more coming soon!

  5. *NEW* Concentrated Vape Cartridge​: 100% cannabis-derived pen, all ingredients (THC, CBD, Terpenes) will be extracted and distilled from Buckeye Relief's own plants.

Fresh Frozen Live Resin 

Buckeye Relief Fresh Frozen Live Resin.jpg
Buckeye Relief Packaging.jpg
Buckeye Relief Flower Packaging.jpg

Buckeye Relief Flower Packaging

What Dispensaries Have Buckeye Relief's Products?

You can find Buckeye Relief's products available at just about any dispensary in Ohio! Buckeye Relief, by far, has the most prolific range and variety of different cannabis strains of any cultivator currently operational in Ohio.

Buckeye Relief

Buckeye Relief's curated collection of strains are hydroponically grown according to the highest cultivation standards. The genetic potential of each plant is realized through individual attention provided every day by their skilled cultivation team.

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