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Stay Connected with Updates About Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Ohio Marijuana Card on Social Media




We use our Facebook page to post about any announcements, developments, and other news surrounding Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Help spread cannabis education in Ohio by following our page and sharing our posts!

Instagram: @Ohio_Marijuana

We use our Instagram account, primarily, to provide cannabis education and other fun discussion posts!

We love to talk with our patients, so don't hesitate to drop into our posts and comment!




Due to the restrictive character limit on Twitter, it makes it difficult to provide comprehensive information on this platform.

Often, we use this page to post about new content on our website, including Patient Resource pages like Best Dispensary Prices and blog articles!



Ohio Marijuana Card

We use our YouTube account, primarily, to cover our Ohio Marijuana Expo and podcast series, provide visual experiences of the offices and process of obtaining your medical marijuana card, and patient testimonial videos.

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