Medical Marijuana is Now Available in Ohio

Ohio's medical marijuana industry is just getting started, and medical marijuana dispensaries now have a variety of products available for sale. However, it can often be difficult to find out what products they have in stock, and more importantly, what the dispensary prices will be.


We've done the legwork to research Ohio dispensary prices and compile the information for your convenience. On this page, you'll find general pricing information, the best deals, as well as information about the dispensaries and cultivators that are actively making an effort to lower pricing and provide affordable treatment options to patients. 

While this page is dedicated to finding the best deals in Ohio it will not include all pricing of all products in Ohio. To learn more about each dispensary's menu and pricing, you can view our dedicated dispensary pages, which are linked to throughout this page.

Ohio Marijuana Dispensary Pricing - Finding The Best Deals

With Ohio's marijuana program just getting started this year, you might have heard stories about the pricing being too high. While this was the case at first, the situation as quickly changing and we are now seeing a handful of dispensaries and cultivators leading the charge to lower medical marijuana prices across Ohio! Below, you'll find a breakdown of the types of medical marijuana products currently available in Ohio, and some of the best dispensary prices out there. 

Products *UPDATED 1/13/2019*

Note: inventory is subject to change. To ensure the pricing for any product is still available, be sure to call the dispensary before visiting.

Medical Marijuana Flower - Best Prices

Ohio Tenth (2.83 grams): $18 daily special @ Pure Ohio Wellness

5.66 grams: $44 @ Pure Ohio Wellness (Springfield & Dayton)

8.49 grams: $64 @ Pure Ohio Wellness (Springfield & Dayton)

11.32 grams: $88 @ Pure Ohio Wellness (Springfield & Dayton)

Half ounce of shake/trim: $90 @ gleaf Medical

Half ounce of shake: $65 @ Verilife

Half ounce (14.15 grams): $110 @ Pure Ohio Wellness (Springfield & Dayton)

Full ounce (28.3 grams): $162 @ Pure Ohio Wellness (Springfield & Dayton) with 10% discount

Medical Marijuana Tinctures - Best Prices

Grow Ohio

• 220 mg (THC): $50 @ Leaf Relief

• 440 mg (THC): $80 @ FRX Health

• 660 mg (THC): $120 @ CY+

• 1:1 (CBD:THC) option now available: $65 @ Verilife

Firelands Scientific

• THC-dominant tincture: $40 @ Ohio Cannabis Company & Verilife

• CBD-dominant tincture: $45 @ Ohio Provisions & Verilife

• 1:1 CBD/THC tincture: $50 @ gLeaf Medical, Ohio Cannabis Company & Verilife

One Orijin

• *NEW* 440 mg THC tincture: $80


• *NEW* 84 mg THC Tincture: $17 @ gLeaf Medical

Medical Marijuana Edibles - Best Prices

Grow Ohio

• Gummies: $43 @ Bloom Medicinals - Maumee

• Green Apple Lozenges: $39 @ Ohio Cannabis Company 

• "GO-Pack": $10 @ Bloom Medicinals - Maumee & Verilife

Standard Wellness

• Gibsonburg Gummies: $38 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Firelands Scientific

• *NEW* Edible Fruit Leather Squares

• *NEW* Edible Granola Squares

Buckeye Relief

• Wana-Brand Gummies: $39 @ RiSE - Toledo

*NEW* Milk & Dark Cholocates: $32 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

One Orijin

• *NEW* 440 mg THC edible oil: $80 @ gLeaf Medical, Eagle Dispensary, & Zen Leaf

• Supplemental Capsules: $40 @ gLeaf Medical

Wellspring Fields

• Edible Lemon Gummies: $42 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

• *NEW* Edible Caramels: $49 @ Ohio Provisions Ohio Cannabis Company

• *NEW* Edible Peppermints: $39 @ Bloom Medicinals - Maumee

• *NEW* Supplemental Capsules: $44 for 2:1 & $46 for 1:1 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Cure Ohio

• *NEW* Edible Grape "Drops": $35 @ Ohio Cannabis Company


• *NEW* Edible Gummies: $42 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Medical Marijuana Concentrates - Best Prices

Grow Ohio

• Oil Syringe: $95 @ Bloom Medicinals - Maumee & Verilife

• *NEW* 0.5 gram Oil Syringe: $59 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Standard Wellness

• Oil Syringe: $95 @ Bloom Medicinals - MaumeeVerilife Ohio Cannabis Company

• *NEW* Concentrated Vape Cartridges: $75 @ The Botanist (Wickliffe & Canton) & Ohio Provisions

One Orijin

• *NEW* 1 gram of 1:1 CBD/THC Flower Rosin: $90 @ Eagle Dispensary

Wellspring Fields

• Wax (Crumble, Budder, Live Resin): $59 (for 0.88 grams) @ Terrasana - Fremont

or $120 for larger option (1.76 grams) @ The Forest

• *NEW* RSO Syringe: $48 @ gLeaf Medical or $79 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Buckeye Relief

• Kief: $59 for (1 gram) @ gLeaf Medical & Ohio Cannabis Company

• *NEW* Concentrated Vape Cartridge: $49 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

• *NEW* Fresh Frozen Live Resin: $55 for (0.5 grams) @ RiSE (Toledo & Lorain) & Soothe

Cure Ohio (cokoh)

• Cokoh Glow Pens: $49 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

• Cokoh Crush Pens: $79 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

• Cokoh F.E.C.O: $79 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Firelands Scientific

• *NEW* Concentrated Vape Cartridge: $49 for 0.5 grams @ Terrasana - Fremont

• *NEW* Bubble Hash Live Rosin: generally priced at $75 *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*

• *NEW* Oil Syringe: $60 @ gLeaf Medical

Medical Marijuana Topicals - Best Prices

Standard Wellness

• Manna-Brand Transdermal Patches: Generally available for around $8-$10 for the 11 mg (THC) option, $17-$19 for the 21 mg (THC) patch, and $55-$75 for a 5-pack. 14-packs are available at Ohio Cannabis Company for $175

• "The Standard" Salve: $50 @ gLeaf Medical & Ohio Cannabis Company

Wellspring Fields

• Salve: $50 @ gLeaf Medical

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Who Sets Prices At Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Ultimately, the pricing for medical marijuana in Ohio is determined by the owner of each dispensary individually. The dispensaries are allowed to operate as free market businesses within Ohio, buying products from the cultivators and processors they choose, and then setting the prices however they see fit.  As a result, some dispensaries are likely to have have lower pricing than others - even for the exact same product.


There are a number of factors that affect the overall price of medical marijuana products. First and foremost is the classification of tier-1 or tier-2 strength; tier-1 marijuana has a maximum THC content of 23%, while tier-2 marijuana has a maximum THC content of 35%. The processing of marijuana flower in to other product forms also adds to the cost, as does the process of packaging, labeling, and testing. 

Are Prices Higher At Dispensaries Than On The Street

Many patients wonder: well, why can I get cheaper marijuana on the street than at an Ohio dispensary? While this can be frustrating, there are many reasons why cannabis found in dispensaries will be more beneficial for you than street marijuana. Although dispensaries have higher pricing currently than your personal source, that likely won't be the case for long. As the program continues to rollout and more dispensaries open, prices will begin dropping, and we've already noticed this happening over the last few weeks. 


The most important reason is that medical marijuana products in dispensaries have been rigorously tested for both quality and consistency. This means that any time you visit an Ohio dispensary, you can be confident that there are no concerns such as pesticides, mold, or other contaminants in your cannabis. There can be serious health concerns associated with contaminated marijuana products, and at the end of the day this program is a medical program so product confidence must be the priority. Nobody wants a patient to have a serious adverse affect to marijuana that can negatively affect their overall health, and for that reason Ohio requires some of the highest levels of oversight and regulations in any state-approved medical marijuana program.


Furthermore, dispensaries allow patients the power to dictate the strains and products they will choose to best fit their lifestyles and desired symptomatic relief. While there may be quality street marijuana, it is not likely that you would have the variety to choose strains based on your specific needs. It cannot be overstated the value of being able to use resources like Leafly to research different strains to make the best decisions on product selection. It is also extremely rare for a patient to have access to top-quality cannabis from the black market. 

Most consequentially, buying medical marijuana from an Ohio dispensary is legal. Continuing to use street marijuana puts you at risk of being charged with a crime, especially when brought back over a state border. The passage of a medical marijuana program was pushed with the goal of providing patients comfort in using medical marijuana as a treatment option. When using an Ohio dispensary, patients can move forward with medical marijuana treatment without living in fear that what they are doing is illegal and may result in repercussions.