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Ohio Marijuana Card is Here to Help You Get An Ohio Marijuana Card!

At Ohio Marijuana Card, we pride ourselves on being Ohio's number one choice for medical marijuana coverage! Our team is dedicated to assisting patients in the process of receiving approval for medical marijuana treatment. Whether it be our medical records team dedicated to helping you obtain the necessary medical documentation or providing regular updates and developments in Ohio's medical marijuana program, we are here to make the process easy for you! Patients have been approved by Ohio Marijuana Card physicians, with our team dedicated to serving every step along the way including after you have been approved - our Patient Support Center has been trained to answer any and all questions you may have, so give us a call today at (866-457-5559) to learn more! You can also schedule online using our online booking portal.

Step 1: See a Physician

The first step to become a medical marijuana patient in Ohio is to establish and maintain a bona fide physician-patient relationship with a certified MMJ physician every year. At Ohio Marijuana Card, we have licensed physicians located in all major cities throughout Ohio to ensure that you do not have to travel far to get your card. For those that are unable to travel for the evaluation, we will be rolling out a home-visit service!

You will have to have one of the 21 qualifying conditions approved for medical marijuana treatment in Ohio. To learn what conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment, be sure to check out our how to qualify page. If you feel that you qualify, but are unable to obtain your medical records, be sure to give us a call and our dedicated medical records team will be sure to assist you!

Step 2: Get Registered with the Patient Registry

Once you have been approved for medical marijuana treatment by an OMC physician, our team will immediately work on submitting your application into the Ohio Board of Pharmacy's Patient Registry system so you can pay the state's registration fee and officially download your Ohio marijuana card. The Board of Pharmacy has a $50 fee, with a 50% discount available for any patients that qualify under veteran or indigent status. If you have any questions on how to register under one of these statuses, be sure to call our Patient Support Center at (866-457-5559), as once you have paid the fee there is no way to get the discount.

Our goal is to ensure that once you have been approved, you can make your first dispensary visit as soon as possible! Which leads us to final step...

Step 3: Find a Dispensary

After you have been registered in the Patient Registry, paid the state fee, and downloaded your official card, the last step between you and relief is finding a dispensary to purchase medical marijuana products from! We understand this may be inconvenient, and for that reason we have compiled a list of all the dispensaries in Ohio including pages dedicated to each. Take a look at the map to find the closest dispensary location to you, and click the link to learn more including general store information, pricing, and menu selection.

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