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13 Halloween-Themed Strains Available at Ohio Dispensaries

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the season, we have 13 spooky strains for you to try this spooky season!

1. Blue Goo (Sativa)

Blue Goo is a sativa-dominant strain with mysterious origins, thought to be the popular strain Blue Dream and landrace favorite Afgoo. Similar to its supposed parentage, Blue Goo boasts a complex terpene profile rich with the smells of blueberry, gasoline, and pine.

2. Chocolope (Sativa)

Chocolope is a brilliant genetic combination of two powerful sativas; Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Its genetics are pure and distinguished with a 95 percent sativa and 5% indica ratio.

3. The Potion (Sativa)

This strain bubbles with a unique fragrance, packing an almost metallic scent and providing a surprisingly potent, uplifting high.

4. Forbidden Zkittles (Hybrid)

A compilation of legendary California genetics, Forbidden Zkittlez crosses Forbidden Fruit, Mendo Royal and California Black Rosé. The result is a strain with two distinct phenotypes: one, short and stacked with fruity flavors and bright purple buds; the other, tall with a gas profile followed by grape undertones.

5. Mudge Walker (Indica)

The buds of Mudge Walker give off a muted, woodsy scent. Another whiff reveals some distinct notes of pine. Grinding up or cracking open these dense nuggets releases more of a spicy, peppery aroma, courtesy of landrace Afghani in Mudge Walker’s background.

6. One Drop (Hybrid)

The parents of this hybrid strain are ‘The One’ and ‘Koffee’. The most prominent terpene found in One Drop is Myrcene, and secondly Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Valencene.

7. Grandpa’s Breath (Indica)

Grandpa’s Breath is a semi-sedative, indica-dominant strain that provides functional relaxation. This special cut, combining parent strains OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, was bred by Dungeons Vault Genetics.t emits pungent, earthy terpenes with a little fruitiness intermixed. Grandpa’s Breath has an above average yield, but also tends to take a touch longer to flower. Utilize Grandpa’s Breath in the evening to maximize the deep relaxation central to its effects.

8. Wubba Lubba Dub Bud (Sativa)

This strain gives off a skunky scent and is sure to leave patients with uplifting effects.

9. Purple Majik (Indica)

Purple Majik is a rare, slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% indica, 40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Heirloom Purple X Mandarin Sunset strains. Purple Majik is the perfect calming bud for when you've had a rough day and need to kick back and relax. You'll feel relaxed but also focused on what needs to get done without too much sedation.

10. Alien Bubba (Indica)

Alien Bubba is a cross of the renowned Bubba Kush and the heady space invader, Alien Kush. This two-fold blend offers mellow sedation with a mental aura most would describe as introspective or meditative. Its bouquet is earthy and floral, and when combusted, Alien Bubba shows off a pungent tea and herbaceous grassiness that is smooth on the exhale. Enjoy this strain close to the end of the day to maximize its sedative effects.

11. Cali Dragon (Hybrid)

From the Purple Kush line, Cali Dragon is a cross of LA OG, Trainwreck, and Recon OG4. Dense, colorful and trichome-drenched calyxes produce scents that include pine, sandalwood, earth and a subtle musk. Cali Dragon is a great high-potency strain.

12. Dream Catcher (Hybrid)

Dream Catcher is an indica-dominant strain that is Blueberry crossed with Black Domina and then crossed with Blue Chronic.

13. Sweet Kush (Indica)

Sweet Kush is a balanced 50:50 sativa to indica strain that offers cannabis consumers the best of both worlds. This hybrid provides a relaxing yet upbeat and happy high, and an all-around pleasant smoke. Sweet Kush consumers compare its taste to a lemon drop candy due it's sweet, citrusy flavor.

These strains are available in Ohio! Visit our website for more information on dispensary locations, their hours and great deals! Is your card set to expire? Don’t forget to schedule your renewal appointment by calling us at (866) 457-5559 or scheduling online.


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