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5 Marijuana Strains For The Perfect Sunday

image of a sunshine with a marijuana leaf on the inside
Sunday Strains

Whether its laundry day, or your only plan is to not move from the couch- we've got a strain for you!

1. Sunshine Lime-sativa

This sativa dominant strain is known for its uplifting and energetic effects! With 'Sunshine' being is the name, this is the perfect strain for getting out of your Sunday slump! Anything strain with citrus is enough to make me want to clean the whole house! Now go get that laundry done!!

2. Triple Chocolate Chip-indica

This strain is a cross between Mint Chocolate Chip and Triple OG. This Indica dominant strain is perfect for sinking into the couch with your favorite Sunday snacks! Turn on your favorite TV show or movie, and melt with Triple Chocolate Chip!

3. Miami Heat-sativa

This sativa dominant strain is perfect for day time use. With its known mood boosting effects, this will put you in the ideal headspace for your Sunday. Miami Heat will perk you right up!

4. Honey-hybrid

This hybrid strain will provide users with pure bliss! Honey is known for providing the perfect balance of pine and fruit flavors. Watch the sun rise with Honey by your side!

5. Dreamcatcher-indica

At the end of your day, wind down with Dreamcatcher. This strain is perfect to diminish stress and encourage rest. This strain has a strong berry taste, and will do everything but tuck you in to bed. Get your PJs on and catch those Z's with dreamcatcher!

All of these strains are available for purchase in Ohio at a dispensary near you :)


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