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Cannabis Vape Pens for Beginners

Cannabis vape for beginners

Cannabis vape pens have changed the game for medical marijuana patients all over the U.S. Medical marijuana patients choose to vape their cannabis for several reasons. The most common being convenience. Vape pens are a quick and easy way to consume cannabis without having to worry about a long onset time or the hassle of grinding up flower for a dry herb vaporizer. Vape pens quickly heat up cannabis oils inside the pen in order for patients to get the most benefits out of this method of consumption. For some pens, all you need to do is inhale, while others you simply press the power button to activate. Below are all of the pieces and parts that make up a standard cannabis vape pen.

Anatomy of a Vape Pen

parts of a vape pen and what they do

Let’s break down the components of the pen:

  1. The Mouthpiece - The component you inhale through is your mouthpiece. On some pens, this piece can be removed or replaced.

  2. The Tank - This is the part of the pen which contains cannabis oil. The consistency of the oil inside the cartridge is comparable to liquid dish soap. Cannabis oils purchased from dispensaries are highly concentrated and contain no additives such as extra flavors. Some vape pens are disposable, while others are reusable, meaning they come with a battery (shown in the above diagram). Reusable vape pens are nice because you can refill the old cartridge with a concentrate purchased from a dispensary, or purchase a single cartridge to replace the old one. Some dispensaries offer discounts when you return your old cartridge!

  3. The Atomize - This is the pen’s heating mechanism. To get the most benefits from vaping, cannabis oils must reach 315-465°F. The cannabis oil needs to be heated to this temperature in order for the cannabinoids to activate. There are several different types of atomizers or chambers depending on the vape pen. The most popular and effective one is a ceramic atomizer, As these are the most durable. Some pens heat up simply by inhaling through the mouthpiece, while others have a power button to activate the heating process.

  4. The Battery - This is your power source! Most vape pens connect a USB charger for easy charging. The battery life is highly dependent on usage and the type of pen. Most pens will not need to be charged frequently as the battery lasts several days.

Benefits of Vaping Cannabis Oil

Vaping is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from chronic pain, due to the quick onset time. Patients can expect to feel the effects in as little as 90 seconds after inhalation. Vape pens can be purchased in indica, sativa and hybrid options. There are also strain-specific pens available for purchase at dispensaries. These are a great option for patients who have shown success with a specific strain of flower. During your next trip to the dispensary, ask your budtender about vaping cannabis and if there’s a recommendation strain for you!

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