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Marijuana as Medicine: Glaucoma

a photo of the outline of an eye with the pupil replaced with a marijuana leaf with a foggy background to represent the pressure and pain associated with glaucoma
Medical Marijuana Treatment for Glaucoma

Marijuana as medicine still remains an extremely controversial topic, especially when discussed by physicians across Ohio. As many are aware, in order to be treated with medical marijuana in Ohio, one must be previously diagnosed with one of the 21 qualifying conditions approved by the state. Today we are going to take a look at Glaucoma and how medical marijuana has proven to help with the various symptoms and side effects brought on by this condition.

Glaucoma is known for being a condition that is hereditary, and most patients are diagnosed later in life. I've never fully understood the condition until talking with patients myself regarding their experience and treatment, and of course by doing my own research.. which is why I am writing today! The pain brought on my Glaucoma, is due to blockage of the flow of fluid that helps keep the eyes shape. A patient gave me this example of what it feels like to have glaucoma--"Think of it as water being blocked by a dam and that pressure is the water building up". Other medications on the market are proven to help with the same symptoms brought on by glaucoma, although they carry many adverse side effects which medical marijuana does not.

Glaucoma remains one of the leading causes of blindness in adults over 60, however Medical Marijuana is here to help! Prior to doing any research on the condition- most are aware that marijuana is known for helping with pain relief.. but how does it work for eye pain? Research from as early as the 1970's concludes that THC and marijuana are known for reducing intraocular pressure (eye pressure), which is the main symptom patients with Glaucoma face. Intraocular pressure to the eye can go as far as damaging your optic nerve which sends images to your brain, and could ultimately cause one to go blind as time goes on. Several patients state that after using marijuana, the haloes around lights due to patients high IOP diminish after using marijuana. These are just a few of the countless medicinal benefits marijuana treatment for Glaucoma patients.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Glaucoma and would be interested in treating with medical marijuana, you can click here to book your appointment at one of our clinics today! If you are a current medical marijuana patient with Glaucoma, check out the strains below OMC suggests to help with your symptoms.

Bubba Kush- Patients have rated this strain one of the best to use for combatting sensitivity to light. This strain is perfect for fighting off the pressure and pain associated with Glaucoma.

Girl Scout Cookies- A true sell-out at dispensaries, this strain provides patients with a sweet minty flavor, clear head, and all over pain relief when consumed.

Lemon Haze- Provides patients with a cheery, long-lasting, dose of pain relief.

Sour Diesel- Gives users an energetic uplifting feeling that relieves pain and stress.


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