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New Study Finds Cannabis Becoming More Popular Among Older Adults

Cannabis Use Popular Among Older Adults

The stigma associated with cannabis use is quickly declining among older patients, as adults 65 and older are more frequently turning to medical marijuana to treat chronic illnesses, according to a recent study. From 2015 to 2018, cannabis use among older individuals rose from 2.4% to 4.2%.

The report credits the rise of cannabis use among this cohort to the experienced medicinal benefits these patients receive. Many people 65 and older are often unable to take certain medications anymore so they rely on medicinal marijuana to provide the relief they seek to treat their chronic conditions, including pain management and sleep aides, which often have unknown or dangerous side effects.

Some of the most common conditions of older patients mirror those of younger medicinal marijuana patients. The most common conditions include:

Also, cannabis use among older adults has shown to improve cognitive function due to better sleep and pain management. We suggest talking with your doctor about cannabis use so that it does not interfere with other prescription medications you may be prescribed. Also, if you plan to have surgery, it is extremely important to discuss marijuana use with your physician, as anesthesia and pain medications may need to be adjusted.

If you are considering the use of medical marijuana to treat one or more medical conditions, please give one of our patient support specialists a call today at 866-457-5559 to see if you qualify!

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