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Ohio Marijuana Card Launches Monthly Donation Initiative

Ohio Marijuana Card’s team of physicians have been writing recommendations for medical marijuana since the summer of 2018. In that time, our doctors have evaluated thousands of patients, young and old, all across Ohio.

In celebration of our successful first year in the Buckeye State, Ohio Marijuana Card will be giving back all throughout 2019! To do this, we will choose a new local charity each month and donate a portion of that month’s total proceeds to the chosen organization.

“Every patient we’ve seen has their own unique story about how they discovered that medical marijuana can help treat their medical condition,” Ohio Marijuana Card president Connor Shore said. “We have been so touched by these stories, we’ve decided to donate to nonprofits, charities and organizations that benefit our patients.”

To launch this new charity initiative in January, Ohio Marijuana Card chose the Alzheimer’s Association - Cleveland Area Chapter as their first major donation. This donation was also doubled this month, thanks to Mary Jo and Jerre Stead, as part of the Alzheimer’s Association's donation drive, in which the Stead’s have promised to match every donation the Alzheimer’s Association receives.

“My father suffers from Alzheimer’s,” stated Randy Shaffer, Ohio Marijuana Card’s marketing manager. “Recently, he’s entered the final stages of the disease. It is deeply heartbreaking to watch, but I am eternally grateful for organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association. What they’ve done to help Alzheimer’s patients and their families, not to mention their contribution to Alzheimer’s research, is absolutely incalculable.”

Alzheimer’s is one of the 21 medical conditions approved by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy for treatment with medical marijuana. Studies have shown that cannabis can help ease behavioral problems that arise as a side effect from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. To read more about Alzheimer's and cannabis, just head over here.

In February, Ohio Marijuana Card will choose a different nonprofit to receive a donation. They are also seeking out partnerships with companies or nonprofits that might further benefit Ohio residents. Anyone who would like to speak with Ohio Marijuana Card's marketing team about donations, partnerships or other synergies can reach out here.

“We care about Ohio -- that’s why we brought our organization here,” Shore stated. “My family is from Ohio. Our corporate offices, our doctors and our support team consist almost entirely of Ohioans. We have roots that run deep in this community. And seeking out local nonprofits and giving back is just one of the ways we’re here to help.”

You can visit the Alzheimer’s Association website if you would like to donate.

If you suffer from one of these 21 medical conditions, you can get your medical marijuana evaluation by one of Ohio Marijuana Card’s state-certified physicians. Simply visit our scheduling page, or call 1-866-457-5559 to set up an appointment.


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