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Purchasing Medical Marijuana Solely For A High THC Content Can Ruin Your Experience, Here’s Why.

Updated: May 4, 2021

Purchasing Marijuana From Ohio Dispensary

If you are a qualified patient that enters a dispensary and asks for the cannabis flower with the highest THC content, it could be deterring you from successful treatment. Although THC content is very important, it does not always mean that the most potent strain is most effective in treating your symptoms/condition.

Think of a similar situation such as buying a new vehicle. If you are looking for something to better suit your family of four, you wouldn't put your focus solely on the car with the fastest engine. There are other factors that are more important like seating, affordability, gas mileage, etc. The same is true for medical marijuana. It is important that patients are aware of all of the factors that go into creating a successful treatment with medical marijuana, instead of focusing on the bud with the highest THC content.

Walking into a dispensary for the first time can be overwhelming. No matter your past experience with cannabis, it is okay to not know everything about using medical marijuana or which product works best for you. Looking at a dispensary menu for the first time can make some patients feel like they are learning a foreign language. There are strange terms like ‘indica’, ‘sativa’, and ‘hybrid.’

Then you need to review the amount of THC content of each product. All of these terms are important so that you can find the right products for you. Similar to other methods of treatment, something that works well for you, may not work well for someone else. To better understand what all of these terms mean, we recommend documenting your cannabis journey. By writing down all of your concerns, goals, and questions, you can converse with cannabis experts such as your recommending physician, budtender, or pharmacist prior to making your first purchase much less stressful!

When purchasing medical marijuana, patients often associate high THC content with providing the most relief. Seasoned cannabis users, budtenders, and physicians will often tell you that this is not true.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing flower. In order for you to maximize the benefits of medical marijuana, you need to understand that several factors go into the best possible treatment for your particular condition and symptoms.

When visiting a dispensary, you shouldn’t focus solely on the THC percentage as the main selling point, as there are many other important factors that play a key role in the treatment of your condition.

So what are these ‘factors’ that you should be taking into consideration when making your first purchase?

Budtenders are frequently asked the question ‘which one has the highest THC percentage?" We recommend rephrasing your question into something more like this…

"Can you help me find a flower option that will help with......"

  • inflammation due to my GI issues

  • ....sleeplessness due to my chronic migraines

  • ...nausea from my chemo or radiation treatment

  • …. my anxiety/depression

By purchasing cannabis solely on the THC content, you may not get the necessary benefits given off from a terpene profile that could make the world of a difference in your treatment.

What are terpenes?

Think essential oils for cannabis. Each terpene found in the cannabis plant gives off a different scent and does a different job. Below you will see a chart that lists just a few of the popular terpenes found in cannabis strains. There are over 200 cannabis terpenes in existence, however some are more commonly found in cannabis strains than others.

Terpenes are what makes each strain unique, and what are responsible for delivering the desired effects to the patient. Your medical marijuana journey is not always a straight shot to the finish line, as it may take some trial and error to find the right terpene bouquet to fit your needs. It is important to establish a relationship with your local dispensary so that they can work closely with you to monitor your treatment and to give you accurate suggestions to maximize the benefits of your treatment.

If you are a new patient or are interested in learning more cannabis knowledge, click here!


If you are a qualifying patient who is suffering from one of the qualifying conditions and is seeking medical marijuana treatment, schedule a telemedicine evaluation, and gain access to Ohio dispensaries.

You can schedule your appointment by calling us at 866-457-5559 or book your appointment online.


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