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Recent Medical Marijuana Licensees Planning New Dispensary Locations

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Good news for people who get an Ohio Marijuana Card: The lucky businesses that recently received new dispensary licenses are hard at work bringing new retail options to cannabis patients in the Buckeye State.

We told you about the Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s recent decision to issue more than seventy new dispensary licenses throughout the state and how it was likely to lower costs and increase convenience for existing Ohio cannabis patients as well as encourage new patients to participate in the program.

Well, now marijuana news site has spoken with some of the fortunate new licensees about their business plans and learned that those businesses are now planning how to maximize their profits by serving Ohio patients as best they can.

New Dispensaries Will Mean Greater Convenience for More Ohio Marijuana Patients

Individual businesses’ plans aside, the mere existence of the new dispensaries will mean good news for many patients in Ohio who will now have an easier time than ever getting medical marijuana.

Once the new dispensaries open, there will be medical marijuana retail outlets in all thirty districts in Ohio, and in deciding how to allocate the new licenses, the board focused on lower population districts where patients now have to travel hours to buy medicine.

New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Owned by Small and Large Operations

In addition to making the current medical marijuana market here more equitably distributed across the state, the board also issued licenses to a mix of smaller and larger cannabis operations. spoke to examples of both kinds of businesses about their plans for their new licenses, and learned a little about how they plan to bring better service to Ohio’s marijuana patients.

New Medical Marijuana Licensee Plans to “Provide the Best Service Possible

One company that won new licenses in the Board of Pharmacy’s expansion is Green Goat Dispensaries, whose co-owner, Cindy Brafford, told “Our goal is to provide the best service possible to help these patients.”

To that end, Brafford’s business partner Brian Wingfield said that the company doesn’t plan to institute any new, innovative customer service policies, but instead will focus on offering quality products to patients who were once without access to them. Wingfield believes that a basic, fundamental approach like this is key to success for Green Goat, which isn’t one of the giants in the state’s medical marijuana market.

“There are a lot of multistate operators in the country, but we as locals are just trying to get it done the best that we can,” Wingfield told

Bradford and Wingfield have been working in Ohio’s cannabis industry since 2017, and Bradford told that both the state’s program and Green Goat have grown and improved in that time. “From the original program, we’ve all come such a long way,” Bradford said. “Each person walking through our door has a different reason for being there.”

As for Wingfield, who previously owned a video game store, he said it was an honor to be working in a field that does so much to help so many. “My life has changed so positively, I feel like my life has truly changed for the better,” he told “It’s truly a blessing to provide a plant, anything that helps people, something that is changing lives for the better.”

Green Goat now has licenses to operate dispensaries in Canton, Sandusky, and Upper Sandusky.

Large Dispensary Company Plans to Use Experience in the Industry to Best Serve Cannabis Patients also spoke with representatives from FarmaceuticalRX, a large, Pittsburgh-based company with marijuana businesses in multiple states. They said that they plan to use their experience in other states to help them best serve cannabis patients in Cuyahoga Falls, where their new dispensary will be located.

“We love our new dispensary site,” FarmaceuticalRX founder and CEO Rebecca Myers told “We intend to bring this same retail experience and high level of customer service (that we’ve acquired in other states) to Cuyahoga Falls. We look forward to expanding our reach through Ohio and to providing patients with our premium, organic craft products.”

Construction on the Cuyahoga Falls dispensary will begin this summer, and should be complete by early 2023. The dispensary will be FarmaceuticalRX’s second Ohio location; the company currently operates an East Liverpool dispensary with an on-site cultivation and processing facility.

New Dispensaries Means There Has Never Been a Better Time to Get an Ohio Marijuana Card!

In addition to being a boon to marijuana patients in underserved districts in less populated areas of the state, the Board of Pharmacy’s licensee expansion should benefit all cannabis patients and the entire state.

The increased competition should result in lower prices and better service in Ohio dispensaries, which in turn could boost participation in the state’s medical marijuana program, boosting the state’s economy and generating more revenue for public coffers.

So why not get off the sidelines and get in the game with your own Ohio Marijuana Card? If you’ve been putting off getting yours, there has never been a better time than now to stop procrastinating! Enjoy the safe, natural relief that only medical marijuana can provide, while also helping to grow the state’s program!

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