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  • Jennifer Betz

Youngstown's Riviera Creek Sponsoring the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Riviera Creek Sponsoring the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021!

Ohio medical marijuana cultivator, Riviera Creek, has joined the growing list of proud sponsors for the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021!

Ohio Marijuana Card is gearing up for a full day of events at the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021 on October 2nd at the Summit County Fairgrounds, and we are thrilled to have local cultivator, Riviera Creek at the event!

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, Riviera Creek is truly a hometown company. With only one facility, the company can focus on growing the kind of quality cannabis products medical marijuana patients in Ohio have come to expect.

Riviera Creek’s Unique Cultivation Method

“One thing we take the most pride in is how we grow,” said Mallorie Molek, Riviera Creek’s marketing manager. Plants are grown aeroponically, which means that they are suspended in the air with roots exposed and a precisely-controlled environment, for consistent attributes and pure results.

Riviera Creek does not use any chemicals or pesticides, and roots are sprayed directly with water and the right nutrients for outstanding buds every time. Their exclusive cultivation methods produce the most consistent THC, terpene and cannabinoid results and yields in the industry.

Riviera Creek’s Unique Strains

Riviera Creek currently grows five primary strains, each with a unique terpene profile that is sure to satisfy. They recently started producing luster pods using their line of cultivars, and you can find them at medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Ohio.


You’ll want to be careful with this one. One of the most recent batches tested at 36.5% THC!

Stambaugh is Riviera Creek’s most popular strain, with layers of pungent savory pepper, coffee and earthiness, with a sweet natural flavor. It’s an Indica dominant hybrid from the GMO/Garlic Cookies family, and it is known for its uplifting, relaxing qualities.


Originating from the Lemon Berry family of strains, this hybrid has a strong citrus scent with notes of berry, orange and grapefruit flavor. This strain is well-balanced with indica and sativa, to provide a calming experience that will leave you feeling inspired.


Remember when Chocolope was so popular that it was almost impossible to get a hold of? Riviera Creek’s Gypsy strain may give Chocolope a run for its money! A sativa with a sweet coffee flavor that provides a dreamy, cerebral effect is the perfect strain for enjoying a sunny day or just staying in and getting things done!

Blue Steel

This sativa dominant cross of Sour Diesel X, OG Kush, and X Stardawg is full of earthy pine, diesel fuel and spice flavors. This one is perfect for when you want to stay active, with milder physical effects and an uplifting mind experience.

Wild Cat

When using the sativa dominant Wild Cat, effects are frequently described as active, energetic and uplifting. Sweet and spicy, the flavors are peppered, citrusy earthiness, with hints of sweet cookie dough and berry.

You Need a Marijuana Card to Enjoy Riviera Creek’s Premium Cannabis!

Don’t forget that you need an Ohio marijuana card in order to legally enjoy premium cannabis products from Riviera Creek and other Ohio cultivators.

With 25 conditions now qualifying for treatment with medical marijuana in the Buckeye State, getting your card is quick and simple. Just give us a call at (866) 457-5559 or schedule an appointment online now!

Come to the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021 For a Day Full of Celebrating All Things Cannabis!

Come to the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021 on Saturday, October 2nd at the Summit County Fairgrounds to learn more about Riviera Creek as well as other cultivators and dispensaries in Ohio.

The Expo is sure to be a day full of fun-filled cannabis-themed events, presentations, vendors and entertainment that you don’t want to miss!

Visit the Ohio Marijuana Expo website to learn more about the Expo, and get your tickets before they sell out!


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