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The Lonely Stoners Valentine's Day Agenda For Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

"I have a kush on you" with image of marijuana.
Kush On You Graphic

The Top 5 Cannabis Friendly Activities To Do With Your “bud” This Valentine’s Day


Cookies that is! What TYPE of cookies is another question. Whether you decide to make canna-cookies or just the regular old pillsbury kind, both will be guaranteed to make you melt!

2. Take a Bubble Bath

What's better than a nice hot bubble bath with the right jams and….your “bud”?!

(haha, get it)

3. Wake and Bake, baby!

If you had the day off and are 420 friendly, I would hope that you had yourself some cannabis and coffee this morning! Or maybe you still did this, and THEN came to work- either way i’m not the police!!

4. Play In the Snow

My dog loves to play in the snow, and he’s not high-- so grab yourself some mittens, your “bud”, and go outside and enjoy the fluffy weather with your furry friend! Get those snow angels and snowmans in before summer comes tomorrow! #thanksohio

5. Movies with Maryjane

A classic. The #1 pastime for all you stoners. Get your scooby snacks ready, turn on your favorite movie or tv show and netflix and chill with your bud!

(I "high"-ly recommend Murder Mountain, if you haven't watched it yet!)

No matter what you choose to do this Valentine's Day, make it an enjoy-a-bowl one!


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