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  • Jordan T. Smith

Three Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help Ohioans Recover From Spinal Cord Injury

Dealing with a spinal cord injury means having to overcome a variety of challenges. One of those challenges is having to make a choice regarding the best method for recovery from the injury. Even though over the counter medications and doctor prescribed opioids can be effective, Ohioans recovering from Spinal Cord Injuries also benefit from exploring medical marijuana. There are numerous ways that cannabis could be effective in aiding Ohioans along their path to recovery from spinal cord injuries. Here’s how:

Alleviating Numerous Symptoms Caused by Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries make living a normal, happy, healthy life nearly impossible. That’s the case due to all of the symptoms associated with Spinal Cord Injuries. Those symptoms include but aren’t limited to inflammation, pain, muscle weakness and spasticity. Making matters more complicated is the fact that the pain caused by spinal cord injuries could strike at any time.

This aspect of recovery from spinal cord injuries is particularly difficult for people to overcome. Fortunately cannabis has been proven to be effective at helping patients overcome spinal cord injuries. There are a variety of products that are capable of providing the relief that people recovering from spinal cord injuries desperately desire, too. The product selection available to medical marijuana patients at dispensaries in Ohio includes all types of cannabis products, ranging from cartridges to transdermal patches.

Helping to Limit Neurological Damage to the Spine

There are numerous reasons why people may be wary about trying medical marijuana to help overcome symptoms associated with spinal injuries. Fortunately, there’s significant scientific research that backs the use of cannabis as a resource for overcoming spinal injuries. Many researchers believe cannabis causes a neuroprotective response in users. In fact, if cannabis is administered shortly after the spinal injury takes place, it can limit neurological damage.

Cannabis is also capable of delaying degeneration caused by spinal cord injuries if used soon enough following the injury. The ability medical marijuana has to improve the symptoms of spinal cord injuries, while preventing the injury from causing additional damage could be particularly helpful. Another benefit of using medical marijuana to help overcome a spinal cord injury is that it won’t come with the side effects that come with over-counter-pain medications. Taking that into consideration, cannabis could be ideal in helping you along in your recovery from spinal cord injury.

Helping to Improve Motor Function

Another reason why spinal cord injuries are difficult for people to recover from is because of the impact they can have on basic motor functions. Not being able to have control over basic motor functions can make completing even the most basic tasks excruciatingly difficult. People that have suffered a spinal cord injury recently could benefit immensely from trying medical marijuana to help overcome restricted motor functions. CBD products in particular can be especially effective in helping people recovering from spinal cord injuries.

The impact of cannabis on spinal cord injuries was studied by scientists at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. They found that CBD could be effective in helping to improve motor function in people that have suffered spinal cord injuries if taken within days of the injury occurring. The only place for Ohioans who have recently suffered a spinal cord injury to purchase CBD products that have been tested and approved for sale is at medical marijuana dispensaries located throughout the state.

A Medical Marijuana Card is Required for Obtaining Cannabis to Treat Spinal Cord Injury in Ohio -

Get Yours Today!

The impact having a medical marijuana could have on the lives of people overcoming spinal cord injuries is immense. From helping to improve motor functions to easing the pain associated with spinal cord injuries, there are a variety of ways cannabis could make the recovery process much smoother. All it takes is making an appointment with a medical marijuana physician capable of getting you approved for a medical marijuana card. Doing so could provide you with the relief necessary to get back to living your life free of discomfort caused by spinal cord injury.


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