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When Can I Buy Recreational Marijuana in Ohio?

The landscape of marijuana legalization in the United States is evolving rapidly, and Ohio is no exception. The Buckeye State recently saw the enactment of a voter-approved legalization law, paving the way for regulated recreational marijuana sales. However, Republican Governor Mike DeWine is urging lawmakers to expedite the process, emphasizing the need to regulate marijuana sales promptly to combat the black market and ensure consumer safety. 

In this article, we will delve into Ohio's current situation, explore the push for regulated sales, and discuss why medical marijuana might be the right choice for many Ohioans.

Ohio's Unique Challenge

Ohio finds itself in a unique and somewhat perplexing situation regarding the rollout of adult-use marijuana sales. Despite the approval of the legalization law, sales are scheduled to open up only in late summer or early fall. Governor DeWine is eager to address this issue, highlighting the urgency of the matter.

DeWine supports a bill passed by the Senate, which proposes allowing the sale of marijuana through existing medical cannabis dispensaries within 90 days of enactment. He sees this as a controlled approach, similar to the regulation of liquor sales, and believes it can be implemented swiftly in the early part of the year.

Concerns About the Black Market

The governor's principal concern is the potential proliferation of the black market if the status quo persists. Unregulated shops could pop up, offering marijuana products that haven't undergone testing for contaminants or pesticides. This not only undermines the legitimacy of the newly approved law but also jeopardizes the health and safety of consumers.

DeWine's call for urgency is rooted in the need to address this issue promptly. It's unacceptable to tell the public they can't legally buy marijuana while turning a blind eye to the illicit market. This situation could lead to tainted and potentially harmful products flooding the market.

Why Medical Marijuana Is the Right Choice

While the discussion revolves around recreational marijuana, it's essential to emphasize the value of medical marijuana. Ohio has a robust medical marijuana program in place, offering a safe and legal avenue for those in need of cannabis-based treatment.

Medical marijuana has a distinct advantage over its recreational counterpart. It is subject to rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that patients receive products that meet stringent safety and purity standards. This is crucial for individuals with medical conditions who rely on cannabis for relief.

Moreover, obtaining a medical marijuana card in Ohio provides patients with access to a wider range of strains and products tailored to specific medical needs. It also allows for legal possession and consumption of marijuana, protecting cardholders from potential legal consequences associated with recreational use.

For Ohio residents considering the use of marijuana, obtaining a medical marijuana card is a prudent choice. Here are some compelling reasons why:

  • Legal Protection: Having a medical marijuana card offers legal protection, allowing individuals to possess and use marijuana within the boundaries of Ohio law. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially for those with medical conditions.

  • Access to Medical-Grade Products: Medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio provide a selection of high-quality, medically tailored products. These products are rigorously tested to ensure safety and effectiveness.

  • Tailored Treatment: Medical marijuana patients can work with healthcare professionals to find the most suitable strains and products for their specific medical conditions. This personalized approach enhances the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

  • No Worry of Black Market: Patients with medical marijuana cards don't need to resort to the black market, eliminating the risk associated with unregulated products.

  • Potential Cost Savings: Some medical marijuana products may be tax-exempt or come with reduced taxes compared to recreational purchases, providing potential cost savings over time.

Legislative Debates and Concerns

Ohio's legislative landscape on marijuana reform is characterized by debates and varying proposals. While the Senate's bill supports regulated sales through existing medical cannabis dispensaries, it also includes provisions such as reducing the household cap for home-grown marijuana, imposing new THC limits, and restricting public consumption.

On the other hand, a separate House bill offers a more moderate approach, making fewer sweeping changes to the voter-approved law. However, it includes provisions that might not sit well with some, such as banning the sharing of marijuana between adults and adding a cultivator tax.

One contentious issue is the allocation of marijuana tax revenue. Governor DeWine previously voiced support for redirecting marijuana tax dollars to law enforcement, a move opposed by advocates who advocate for funding social equity initiatives as mandated by the voter-approved initiative.

The Need to Regulate Hemp Products

In addition to the urgency surrounding recreational marijuana sales, Governor DeWine is also focused on regulating intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids like delta-8 THC. These products are currently available in Ohio gas stations and exist in a regulatory void.

The governor emphasizes the importance of making these products illegal to protect public safety, especially that of young individuals who may be influenced by them. Current laws do not grant the necessary authority to address this issue effectively, prompting DeWine to call on the legislature for immediate action.

While some Democratic lawmakers have shown willingness to consider revisions, there is strong opposition to undermining the will of the majority that approved the voter-passed legalization initiative. Ohio Rep. Juanita Brent (D) highlights the importance of including individuals who have been criminalized over marijuana and those with industry experience in any efforts to amend the state's legalization law. She argues that the revision should not be solely left to "anti-cannabis" legislators.


Ohio stands at a pivotal moment in its marijuana legalization journey. Governor Mike DeWine's call for urgent action to regulate recreational marijuana sales reflects the need to protect consumers, combat the black market, and ensure the safe and responsible use of cannabis. While the legislative landscape remains contentious, Ohioans have the option of turning to medical marijuana, a reliable and regulated source of relief for those in need. 

Obtaining a medical marijuana card not only provides legal protection but also grants access to high-quality, tailored products designed to address specific medical conditions. As Ohio navigates the complexities of marijuana reform, it is essential to prioritize the well-being of its residents and ensure that marijuana policies align with their needs and expectations.

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