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Why Medical Marijuana is Capable of Helping Ohioans Overcome Traumatic Brain Injury

Updated: May 24, 2022

Incurring a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most painful things that could happen to a person. Such an injury has the potential to lend itself to a lengthy recovery process, too. That’s why people that have recently endured a traumatic brain injury benefit from having access to any resource capable of providing them with a better quality of life. What many people may not know is that medical marijuana is among the resources that is capable of providing relief to people who are in the process of recovering from a traumatic brain injury for a variety of reasons. Continue reading below for more insights on why people recovering from a traumatic brain injury benefit from medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Possess Neuroprotective Properties

One of the reasons why the use of medical marijuana has become more widespread in recent years is because of its neuroprotective properties. This is an especially crucial characteristic for people that are in the process of recovering from a traumatic brain injury. That’s because cannabis could potentially help minimize secondary brain damage that could occur following the initial injury. Another way medical marijuana helps preserve the neurological health of people who have recently incurred a traumatic brain injury is because it has the potential to encourage the body to release minocycline. This is instrumental in minimizing swelling, along with neurological impairment.

The ability medical marijuana has to preserve the swelling that occurs as a result of a traumatic brain injury is a great reason why people who have recently sustained one should consider trying it. After a traumatic brain injury occurs, people run the risk of their bodies releasing toxic chemicals that could cause considerable damage to the brain. This damage is substantial enough to lead to neural death even well after the patient is stabilized.

By Helping to Limit Inflammation Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Another reason why medical marijuana should be taken into consideration for people who have recently sustained traumatic brain injuries is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Even though both THC and CBD both have a positive effect on people that have recently sustained a traumatic brain injury, CBD has its own unique characteristics capable of helping patients. In fact, CBD in particular reduces oxidative stress that occurs as a result of a traumatic brain injury while simultaneously serving as an anti-inflammatory.

CBD provides these benefits without the potential for impairment, too. There’s also a wide variety of CBD products for Ohio medical marijuana patients to choose from at Statewide dispensaries. Even though other CBD products can be purchased at nutritional supplement stores or similar retailers, Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries are the only locations that have CBD products that have been tested and approved for public consumption prior to sale.

By Reducing Numerous Symptoms Associated With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Along with the risk of long term brain damage with conditions like CTE, people that are recovering from traumatic brain injuries are also subject to a variety of symptoms. From nausea to headaches, the symptoms that can occur as a result of a traumatic brain injury can have a notable effect. Fortunately for people that are in the process of recovering from a traumatic brain injury, there are numerous symptoms that medical marijuana can help treat. Anecdotal research also reveals that patients with THC in their system are less likely to perish as a result of a traumatic brain injury than their counterparts without THC.

There are a variety of medical marijuana products capable of helping treat symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries, too. The products available at medical marijuana dispensaries range from traditional medical marijuana flower, to tinctures and cartridges. For legal access to medical marijuana products and dispensaries in Ohio, a medical marijuana card is required.

You Can Receive Medical Marijuana for Traumatic Brain Injuries in Ohio - All You Need is a Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana has the potential to drastically improve the lives of people recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Thankfully, Ohioans in the process of recovering from traumatic brain injuries have the opportunity to obtain medical marijuana by simply scheduling an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who can provide approval for one. They could also be instrumental in helping patients construct a care plan designed to help them overcome specific symptoms. Obtaining a medical marijuana card for traumatic brain injury is easier than you think, so find out for yourself how simple it is today!

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