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Why Should You Consider Medical Marijuana to Treat Glaucoma Symptoms in Ohio?

People living with glaucoma are subject to a swath of negative side effects as a result of their condition. That’s why so many people with glaucoma may benefit from learning more about medical marijuana, and why it could be an effective treatment option. There are numerous benefits to using medical marijuana for glaucoma, but there are still a multitude of questions about it.

Some people may even be downright suspicious about claims regarding the positive impact cannabis has on glaucoma relief. Even though that’s the case, there is significant research that backs medical marijuana that dates back decades. For more insights on why medical marijuana is an effective option for glaucoma patients, continue reading below.

Origins of Medical Marijuana Usage for Glaucoma

The earliest medical research that offers an explanation behind medical marijuana can be found in a 1971 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The research shared in the Journal by Robert Hepler, MD and his colleague Ira R. Frank, MD revealed that marijuana was capable of decreasing IOP by 25-30% for at least 3 to 4 hours.

This medical discovery ended up becoming a lifesaver for one glaucoma patient named Robert C. Randall, who came across the realization that cannabis had a positive effect on his glaucoma, which doctors told him would lead to inevitable blindness.

After self-medicating glaucoma symptoms with medical marijuana, he eventually drew the attention of the federal government and DEA, who clearly frowned upon this practice. It was during the winter of 1975 where Dr. Hepler performed 10 days of clinical experiments that entailed trying each available glaucoma medication, along with delta-9 THC.

The battery of tests revealed that conventional treatments were incapable of maintaining his IOP, while smoking 8 to 10 joints lowered it by 35%.

The findings of this research, along with a team of motivated lawyers, helped Randall win his case, which led to him gaining access to a consistent, legal supply of cannabis. This process allowed Randall to become the first medical marijuana patient in the country.

How Medical Marijuana Can Provide a Lower IOP

One of the reasons people living with glaucoma benefit from using medical marijuana is because it decreases intraocular pressure, or IOP. In fact, cannabis is capable of reducing IOP by up to 60%-65%.

The reason why it does so is due to the way THC communicates with the body’s endocannabinoid system. THC is instrumental in helping to provide relief to people living with glaucoma because it binds to the CB1 receptors in specific cells like the ciliary epithelial and trabecular meshwork cells, upon cannabis consumption.

Among the most important variables for appropriate treatment of glaucoma symptoms are consumption methods and dosages. That’s the case because the amount of time before the relief sets in varies depending on each.

How Medical Marijuana Can Relieve Symptoms That Cause Nausea and Pain

Along with increased IOC that can cause difficulty seeing, glaucoma is also responsible for symptoms that include nausea and chronic pain. The reason why glaucoma causes nausea in patients is because it typically causes dramatic increases in eye pressure until the drainage angle closes, which causes even more eye pressure and discomfort. Medical marijuana has long been associated with helping to alleviate symptoms of nausea and chronic pain.

The reason why cannabis is considered an effective option for nausea relief is because of the antiemetic effect that cannabinoids possess. There are a wide variety of products available for sale at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries that are capable of providing relief from glaucoma symptoms like nausea and ongoing pain, too. All it takes in order to be able to shop for them is a medical marijuana card.

Treating Glaucoma Using Medical Marijuana is Legal In Ohio - All it Takes is a Medical Marijuana Card

Living with glaucoma can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Since that’s the case, people living with the condition benefit from having access to products that are capable of providing relief from the symptoms it causes.

Even though glaucoma can make getting through a day tough, there are more options for relief from glaucoma symptoms than you can imagine. That’s why people living with glaucoma in Ohio are encouraged to make an appointment with an Ohio medical marijuana physician that can answer questions, and construct a care plan that provides the therapeutic relief you deserve.


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