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Medical Marijuana Patient Success Stories

Medical Marijuana Is Changing Lives!

At Ohio Marijuana Card, we have worked with patients to help them gain access to medical marijuana treatment. During that time, we've heard countless amazing stories about the positive effects cannabis has on our patients' daily lives. Read below to learn about some of their success stories! 

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Valerie Charms Mason

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

Hello to my friends at OMC! I want to share with you how cannabis has literally changed my life.


I grew up around addiction, with one of my parents being an addict. This environment definitely shapes behavior in many ways, and I became an addict myself later in life. I got sober in April of 2000, and spent many years in a 12-step program to help me learn how to change my 'stinkin thinkin', as they say.


Despite years of therapy and actively working on my program, I still had underlying anxiety that disrupted my life, as well as PTSD. I no longer had alcohol available to me, and despite the tools that I gained, I still struggled.


During a vacation to Jamaica about 10 years ago, I reluctantly tried cannabis with the understanding that cannabis was a 'gateway drug' and that I was taking a serious risk. I mean, I grew up in the 70's and 80's where propaganda about the horrors of cannabis was part of everyday language. I feared that I was actually making a reckless and irresponsible choice. What I wasn't prepared for was how drastically cannabis would affect me.


I continued to use cannabis on a nightly basis when I came back to Ohio. We had 3 young kids with two divorced households, not enough hours in the day, and I was traveling for work more than half of each month. Completely overwhelmed much of the time - I began to notice that after using a small amount of flower at night after the house was quiet - I could express myself and work through my stress and anxiety. So I'd have some cannabis and then spend an hour decompressing with my husband and I'd end up with clarity, resolution, and gigantic relief.


This was so transformational because not only did it help in those ways, but I began to re-evaluate my thinking yet again. Cannabis allowed me to step back and make conscious decisions about my mood, attitude, and approach to life - even when I wasn't partaking in the actual plant. It's been life-altering to be mindful and conscious of how I interact with my own life and the people around me such that I'm no longer a victim of my own anger, fear, and hostility. I'm no longer that person and it's been very beneficial to me, my children, my husband, and friends.


While my medicine is used for PTSD and I have my medical card, it's also helped me manage my general anxiety and depression in a healthy way. Unlike an addict, I don't experience any negative consequences as a result of my use.

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Jon Brisiel

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

My name is Jon Brisiel. I’m a 100% disabled Iraq war veteran. I served as a heavy machine gunner throughout my combat tour in 2004, as an active duty infantryman. My platoon was believed to be the first platoon to suffer as many casualties as we did since the Vietnam war. Four great men from my platoon gave their lives as well as a dozen more sustaining serious injuries. I also served as a Tomb Guard in Arlington National cemetery. 


I was medically retired from the Army after serving 12 years of active duty time. I’ve struggled for years with sleeping through the night. After receiving my medical marijuana card, I’ve found that a few drops of a tincture under my tongue every night greatly improves many of my ailments. I can finally sleep through the night again, as well as get through my days with far less pain and anxiety. The VA had me on a long list of different medications to treat an even longer list of my injuries and ailments. I’ve successfully replaced the majority of my prescription pills with a simple THC tincture. I’m grateful for all the advances in medicinal use and very glad to feel well-rested again. I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in years, and it’s just amazing the benefits I’ve had from being able to sleep through the night, thanks to medical cannabis.

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Courtney Brautigam

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

My name is Courtney, and I am 34 years old. In August of 2015, I was in a very bad car accident, and had to be life-flighted. It took about 3 days for me to wake up, and when I did, it was more and more surgeries. All but two of my ribs were broken, and they thought they’d have to remove my spleen, along with my left arm and left leg. My spine was also twisted and my tailbone was basically split. 


Thirteen surgeries, and I still needed more. The nerve block also made things worse in my shoulder. Months of being down and on pain pills, yet I was still in extreme pain 24/7. I had to learn to walk again and that pain was just horrible. Pills weren’t working, and I didn’t want the risk of addiction. 


I began taking Motrin here and there, as well as smoking marijuana. I couldn’t believe how much it really helped alleviate the pain. I also have PTSD and I can honestly say ever since I have gotten my recommendation from Ohio Marijuana Card, I haven’t needed one pill of any type. I haven’t had any breakdowns or panic attacks since I’ve started. I’m so thankful that Ohio finally legalized medical marijuana. It truly helps me so much. My family was originally against me using marijuana and getting my card, but now they are 100% for it, and they actually got cards of their own now!



Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I have been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis since 1998. I woke up completely paralyzed from the chest down the day after Thanksgiving in 1998. I had to spend a month in the hospital learning how to walk and dress myself again. Thankfully with the help of medical marijuana, I have found something that helps my nerve pain and muscular pain and I no longer have to take opioids anymore. I’ve been determined since then to live as normal of a life as possible. I got married,  had three kids and had no desire to use pain medication. I can apply CBD cream on my legs and relieve the spasms and I can use medical marijuana in the form of vape to call my nerves down. It’s imperative that we rely on natural resources for healing and not addictive substitutes.  


Rebekah Griffiths

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I am 39 years old and have been suffering with fibromyalgia since I was 19. I've been on disability since I was 23 due to the severity of my symptoms. In 2005, I was put on morphine, muscle relaxers, gabapentin, and sleeping pills, yet my pain and symptoms were still not being fully managed. Last January, after discussing additional options with my primary doctor, I decided to obtain my Ohio marijuana card.


After carefully decreasing my medication under my doctor’s supervision, I began using medical marijuana. The difference between how I felt on all of the pills and how I feel using marijuana is night and day! I am able to sleep through the night, my pain is well managed, and it has done wonders for my mood and anxiety. My quality of life has improved as I am able to take care of our home, keep up with the laundry, and make dinner almost every day. I am so grateful that Ohio legalized marijuana for medical use.


Derek Bobo

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I have a condition called cerebral palsy, which leaves me in a wheelchair and gives me muscle spasms along with super tight muscles in general. I have a history of chronic pain from these tight muscles and at one point I was on morphine and Vicodin for breakthrough pain. While the medicine did treat my pain, it left me in a state where I could not operate and do much else. Plus, my family has a history of heroin use and overall abuse of all opiates. I refused to take them any longer, but it's not just physical ailments that the marijuana helps, it's also mental health. 

I've had five different suicide attempts one of which I took 120 pills that nearly killed me. It took two hits of narcan just to revive me. They had to go into my lungs and suck out vomit that I had inhaled. I've been in and out of several mental health facilities where they finally found two antidepressants that work for me. This in combination with marijuana keeps me sane. So I hope you understand the gravity of this when I say it, I do not know what I would do without medical marijuana.


Anne Zalar

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I’m a 59 year old woman that has many medical issues including fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety, arthritis and spinal stenosis. Having gastric bypass surgery 15 years ago, my stomach is the size of my thumb. I was taking 14 pills a day for my medical problems and was not doing well as they would make me feel very sick and even “loopy” at times. 


Against my doctors wishes, I stopped taking all my medicine, except medical marijuana. Within a couple of weeks I was feeling much better just using the medical marijuana. I did agree to restart my blood pressure medication only for safety. I feel I’m much more clear headed and I don’t feel as sick as I did taking all those pills. I’m in a lot of pain but the medical marijuana takes the edge off, the tremors related to my Parkinson’s have improved with use, my anxiety is much better and I actually feel more clear and in control of my thinking. I’m impressed with the way it has been better for me and I am definitely an advocate!



Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I suffer from chronic pain daily. I have slipped discs throughout my entire spin from an abusive relationship, as well as Endometriosis on my bladder, colon and rectum. I have spinal cord stimulators in place to attempt some pain relief other than relying on pain medication. 


When I found out medical marijuana finally became legal here in Ohio, I immediately got myself into Ohio Marijuana Card with the help of my doctors. I discussed with my doctor, and they highly agreed with getting me in. Since acquiring my medical card and visiting one of the first dispensaries in April of 2019, I can honestly say medical marijuana has done wonders for me. 


Endometriosis causes me to be nauseated and sick often. So having this option to rely on not only for pain relief, but overall symptom relief from my disease is truly a life saver. I suffer from anxiety and depression, so once again this medicine has helped tame not one, not two, but almost five of the constant symptoms my body struggles through. I can talk with the dispensary about my symptoms and they always tell me the best strain to help. I haven't had any issues. I enjoy using CBD for work and the THC infused flowers at home. I am so thankful that I have an all around healthier, and safer option for relief. Thank you Ohio Marijuana Card for successfully helping so many patients.


September Williams

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

Before I was issued my Ohio medical marijuana card, I was on multiple pain and muscle relaxers medications due to an injury to my right wrist which resulted in multiple surgeries. I was becoming depressed because the meds would only provide temporary relief for the pain. I could not do daily basic functions, such as combing my own hair. 


Once I received my medical marijuana card, I went to my local dispensary where I spoke to a pharmacist who helped me decide which strain would work best for me and my symptoms. Since starting treatment with medical marijuana, my pain has substantially decreased! My depression has also been more manageable and I have been able to eliminate all my prescription pain medications. 


Lori Zimmer

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

My name is Lori and I am from the Cincinnati area. I am a 53 year old woman who uses medical marijuana every day. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 12 years ago. I can't express how sick I was. At the time of my diagnosis, I was working 2 jobs, 1 full time, 1 part time. I lost both jobs. I was unable to work for 5 years. 


I started using medical marijuana 10 years ago. It took some physical therapy and medical marijuana to get me to where I am today. Before I started to really benefit from the effects of using medical marijuana, I was taking 13 different prescribed medications, some 3 times a day. Today I take 2 prescribed medications and medical marijuana, work full time and have not called in sick since April 2018!


Before I landed this job, I was fired from a call center because I missed too much work. I preach the miracle of medical marijuana to everyone! I have introduced medical marijuana to coworkers as well as family members. I feel that I am the "poster child" for the positive benefits from marijuana use.


Gwendolyn Ward

Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Ohio Marijuana Card. From the first call to schedule, to the appointment with the amazing doctor, I felt like I wasn't just another number. I was treated with the utmost respect and the process was easy. I definitely recommend Ohio Marijuana Card



Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I was diagnose 14 yrs ago with fibro. The treatment I receive is the only relief i get. The marijuana treatment make me feel as if i can be productive and allows me to have a clearer mind in day to day living. It allows me to be more active and productive again. I am very thankful for the doctors and their knowledge of my illness and treatment needed



Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

This is the best thing I’ve ever done! I suffer from Osteoarthritis and the pain is severe. Medial Marijuana has helped me tremendously with the pain ! I had my card renewed Yesterday and am so blessed to be a Member of this group !! The review was quick and easy Thank you so much !!



Ohio Marijuana Card Patient

I finally decided to go through and get my OMC. This was the best way to go about it. The people are very helpful, the system is pretty self explanatory and the doctors are so thorough. I could not recommend a better place for the care I need!! Thank you!

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