Ohio Marijuana Card will soon be offering an affiliate program where members can sign up and become one of our partners! No start-up fees, no risk. Simple and easy!


Sign up to learn more about this exciting program, and earn a free Ohio Marijuana Card shirt with your first referral.

3 Easy Steps

1. Sign Up

Once you are a partner in our affiliate program, you'll receive a marketing toolkit with signage and cards that you can share. Your kit will have a special code connected to your affiliate account, so we can track your specific referrals.

2. Spread the Word

Signage and referral cards can be printed and placed wherever you go, whether you're at the gym, yoga, hanging out with friends, the office, a concert, church or even your favorite coffee shop. 

3. Earn Cash

For every new patient you refer that visits our doctor offices and receives a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you will get a check from us. It's that simple!