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Ohio Marijuana Card - Registering Your Card

Medical Marijuana Card Registration

1. Qualified patients will be registered with the State of Ohio Registry by Ohio Marijuana Card staff.

2. Once registered, check your email. You are looking for an [no-reply] email,


3. Click the blue “link” located in the body of the email. 

4. Create your password
A minimum of one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character. Once this has been completed you will be redirected back to the login page. Re-enter your email and password.

5. Ensure your Registry profile has your correct demographics
These details are submitted by Ohio Marijuana Card, please contact us if any of your personal information is incorrect.  

6. Pay the $50.00 State fee 
You are now ready to activate your card. To submit your registration fee click on ‘Activate Card’. Credit/Debit card is the only form of payment accepted.


A discount of $25 is provided from the state if you are a Veteran, or receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). At this time you can submit your paperwork to Please be sure to include your name and date of birth. We can submit this on your behalf or explain the process as you are able to provide this information at a later date.


 7. This is the FIRST part of the registration process. At this point, you are registered. However, you cannot purchase from a dispensary until the SECOND portion is completed by the physician.
You will receive a second email once the doctor enters your recommendation. The bottom of your Registry profile is where you can view your recommendation. To
purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary, your physician needs to issue you a recommendation, if you do not see your qualifying condition and on your Registry profile, please contact Ohio Marijuana Card.


8. Download and print your medical marijuana card or save it on your mobile device.

The Board of Pharmacy will NOT be sending copies of Ohio medical marijuana cards to you. Your card is available on your Registry profile page. Once activated you can click the button labeled “DOWNLOAD” to save your card to your computer or mobile device. Once you save your card, you can print it out. Your card must be either printed or available on your mobile device for you to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary. Remember you always access to your card at


9. Only patients with an active registry card, an active recommendation, and their associated government-issued ID can enter and purchase medical marijuana.

After paying the state registration fee and receiving both emails from the State of Ohio, you will be able to access your digital Registry card. Dispensary staff will counsel patients on the appropriate type and dose, in relation to the patient’s condition. 

Follow-Up Appointments 

calendar (2).png

Ohio law requires medical marijuana patients to maintain a bona fide relationship with their recommending physician. Our team will perform follow-ups to ensure everything is going well. These will be free of charge throughout the year until your annual renewal appointment is due.

We Are Here To Help

If you have any questions, our dedicated team is here to help!

 Don’t hesitate to reach out by phone at (866) 457-5559 or email by visiting our contact us page.

Summary of Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws

Legal Protection

The fact you have a valid recommendation for medical marijuana from a certified physician could provide you with an affirmative defense in certain legal situations. It is worth noting that an affirmative defense does not prevent a criminal charge; it is only used as a possible means to avoid conviction.

Where do I get medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana must be purchased from an Ohio dispensary, licensed by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. It is illegal for patients to obtain marijuana from other sources or to grow, sell or share Medical Marijuana with others.

How do I transport medical marijuana?
Marijuana products purchased from the dispensary will come in a sealed container with your patient and product information printed and placed on the product. You will also be given a receipt showing what you purchased. If you are in need of traveling with medical marijuana after the sealed container has been opened. Keep all labels on the container with receipt of purchase. You may also consider putting your product in your trunk, locked glove box, or a secure lockbox.

Can I drive after using medical marijuana?

Don’t do it. If suspected of doing so by law enforcement, you can be charged for driving under the influence. If they observe you making a traffic infraction, then deem your interactions and field-sobriety test performance insufficient, you may be charged.

Am I allowed to smoke medical marijuana?

In Ohio, the smoking of medical marijuana is prohibited. If you wish to use medical marijuana flower, you are expected to use a device for vaporization.

Am I allowed to have marijuana paraphernalia (pipes, bongs, etc.)?

Possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor in Ohio. However, medical marijuana patients do have protection using approved medical marijuana devices, such as vape pens.

Can my employer still drug test me for marijuana, even though I’m a registered patient?

Unfortunately, registered patients are not exempt from employer drug tests. The law does not provide protection from employer drug-testing. Even if you are a medical marijuana patient, if your employer has a drug testing policy, we recommend checking with them prior to using medical marijuana products.

Can I possess a firearm if I’m a medical marijuana patient?

Under federal law, marijuana users are not allowed to buy, sell, or possess firearms or ammunition or obtain CCW certification. A federal circuit court of appeals in Nevada has ruled that restrictions on firearm sales for individuals using medical marijuana does not violate the Second Amendment.

Can I take medical marijuana while on probation?

Whether you can use medical marijuana during your probation depends on your situation, the legal officials who work with you, your charges, and the jurisdiction where you were charged. Patients should always check with their legal counsel, probation officer, and/or social worker prior to using medical marijuana.

Can I travel outside Ohio with my medical marijuana?

No. Marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, so do not transport a federally restricted substance across state lines, whether by plane, train, bicycle, or automobile.

NOTE: The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Toll-Free Helpline responds to inquiries from patients and caregivers regarding adverse reactions to medical marijuana, and provides information about available services and additional assistance as needed. To contact the line, please dial 1-833-464-6627.

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