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What Kind Of Marijuana Is Available In Ohio?

When people refer to cannabis, they traditionally think of the marijuana flower, or buds, as being the sole form of ingestion. However, Ohio’s medical marijuana laws (Ohio HB 523) state that the flower form, as well as the concentrated oils, cannot be smoked and rather must be vaporized. As such, new and diverse advancements in research and technology have produced a variety of products and delivery methods.

Qualified medical marijuana patients in the state of Ohio have access to a variety of these different THC and CBD products, as well as the traditional dry herb, or cannabis flower. Below is a breakdown of each of the administration methods for consuming medical marijuana including flower, concentrated oils, edibles and consumables, tinctures, and topical options.

Dosage Guidelines

Dosage or the amount of a particular product one should take to achieve the desired outcome is often misunderstood in regards to medical marijuana. There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right form and dosage that's right for you.


We suggest you discuss what forms and possible dosage suggestions with your medical marijuana physician or one of the experts at the dispensaries if you have questions. Unless the medical marijuana doctor who provided your certification discussed specific restrictions you may purchase ANY from of medical marijuana available at Ohio dispensaries. Feel free to call us and book a free follow-up appointment with one of our certified physicians if you have dosage questions or concerns.

The marijuana plant contains various organic compounds which contribute to specific properties and desired outcomes, each individual can potentially have a different reaction to the same form, amount, and potency.

Patients with no cannabis experience should start with a product with a higher CBD content (with a CBD:THC ratio close to 1:1) and a lower amount of THC in the range of 5 – 10 mg per dose until an assessment of effect can be determined.  This approach may alleviate an unexpected bad experience from the psychoactive effects of the THC in the chosen product.

Absorption also affects the onset of action of both THC and CBD.  For these routes, consider the following cautions:

  • Sublingual (under the tongue): Do not re-dose for at least 6 hours

  • Oral (edibles):  Do not re-dose for at least 6 hours.  Absorption is improved when taken with fatty foods.

  • Vaporizer:  Do not re-dose for at least 4 hours

Dosage of THC from inhalation (flower, oil, resin) is difficult to define and is dependent on depth and length of inhalation as well as the concentration of the cannabinoids in the product. A 3-second inhalation is considered a baseline standard. Dabbing of resins, waxes, shatter can result in much higher doses.

Overall, you should consider form of administration, onset time, duration, potency, and CBD/THC ratio before you decide what to purchase and how much to take. Finding the right dosage is important for achieving the desired relief. To much or to little can have adverse or underwhelming effects. Start low and go slow!

Marijuana Flower
Form: Plant
Onset: 30 sec
Duration: 30 min - 4 hours
Advantages: Instant relief, many varieties
Disadvantages: High Odor, requires apparatus to ingest, unless vaporized can cause respiratory irritation.

The first form of product that most patients will be familiar with is the flower from the cannabis plant.

In its flower form, the Tier-1 flower will have a THC content of up to 23%, while Tier-2 flower can range from 23% THC content up to 35%.

Flower in Ohio is sold in 2.83 gram units. Larger quantities are becoming available in the form of 5.66 gram (0.2 oz) packages, 8.49 gram (0.3 oz) packages, 11.32 grams (0.4 oz), 14.15 gram (0.5 oz), as well as one ounce (28.35 grams) quantities.

It is important to note that the flower form, as well as the concentrated oils, cannot be smoked and rather must be vaporized.

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Marijuana Plant/Oil Vaporization
Form: Plant, Oil, Concentrates
Onset: 30 sec - 30 minutes
Duration: 30 min - 4 hours
Advantages: Optimal extraction of plant material compounds. Convenient/low odor in oil form.
Disadvantages: Requires additional apparatus to ingest.
As previously stated, smoking marijuana is strictly prohibited under Ohio’s medical marijuana law. However, buds will still be available to purchase for vaporizing at all dispensary locations across the state of Ohio. Though many patients may be disappointed to learn this, vaporizers are actually known to offer several health benefits over inhaling marijuana smoke.
In essence, a vaporizer is a device that has a built-in heating component that cooks the THC and CBD off of the flower or oil without combusting plant material. 
A helpful analogy is to think of a vaporizer like an oven: the heating component in the vaporizer acts as the oven and bakes the medicine, creating a vapor (rather than smoke) that is then inhaled. So, instead of breathing in burnt plant matter and the additional harmful byproducts of smoke, you will be ingesting only the medicine (cannabinoids & terpenes) that you need to feel instant relief!
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Oil is a highly concentrated THC product — often more than 2 times stronger than flower forms (70% THC per dose in comparison to the max limit in Ohio of 35% THC from flower). Oils and wax often look like honey or amber, with a sticky, glass-like consistency.
Oils are loaded into the vaporizer chamber and heated, in a method sometimes referred to as “dabbing.” Some vaporizers have the ability to vaporize both flower and concentrated oils.
Oils can also be packaged in supplemental pill form, ingested like one would take any pill. These capsules will be filled with either THC, CBD, or a combination. Supplemental capsules were the most recent cannabis product to reach Ohio's market.
Currently, Ohio dispensaries have 590 mg (THC) oil syringes that are designed for vaporization only. The oil currently available is fully activated, made using only cannabis-derived terpenes, and comes in indica and sativa options in 1 ml syringes.
Additionally, concentrated wax products are available in Ohio dispensaries. These products range in consistency from CO2 extracted budder, crumble, terp sauce, and live resin, to fresh frozen live resin, to solventless extracts such as Bubble Hash Live Rosin.
Further, concentrated cannabis cartridges are available in Ohio's dispensaries! These are, essentially, an all-in-one vaporizer product that allows you to take draws from a battery that is included with the cartridge. Cartridges have exploded in popularity in recent years due to the potency of the product in addition to the convenience and discreteness of use.
To learn more about concentrated cannabis products, click here.
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Form: Food/Capsule
Onset: 30 min -2 hours
Duration: 3-6 hours
Advantages: Easy/Convenient to take and measure dosage, long lasting relief, low or no odor.
Disadvantages: Effects taste of product. Absorption varies depending on metabolism which can lead to unpredictable onset and duration.
Ohio dispensaries also have a few different forms of consumables infused with THC or CBD. Edible products in Ohio are generally packaged in 110 mg potencies.
It is important to note that edible products can take up to an hour, or sometimes longer, for the effects to become apparent. Most consumable products can last for up to 4-6 hours, and can be quite strong or overwhelming if you are new to higher THC concentrations, so make sure that you portion your edibles out accordingly!
Furthermore, when an edible form of THC is consumed, the traditional chemical makeup of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is turned into 11-hydroxy-THC. This can render the edible up to 4 times stronger than traditional forms of medical marijuana consumption, so be sure to start small and slow with dosing.
Form: Oil
Onset: 15 min - 1 hour
Duration: 2 - 6 hours
Advantages: Easy to take and measure dosage, long lasting relief, low or no odor. Quicker onset than edible. Various THC/CBD ratios available.
Disadvantages: Absorption varies depending on metabolism which can lead to unpredictable onset and duration.
Tinctures contain a more concentrated form of THC or CBD and are often made by infusing those compounds with a high-grade alcohol. Tinctures are most often packaged in an eyedropper. Like with any liquid medication, tinctures are used for oral ingestion. The drops can be placed under the tongue sublingually or directly into the mouth. Patients can also use this method to infuse their food with THC, CBD or both compounds.
This method is often used for those suffering from debilitating seizures, as side effects are minimal or mild. Tinctures are faster acting than most edibles, making it an ideal delivery method for those who don’t want to wait for their relief.
Tinctures are an ideal option for patients seeking long-term relief while allowing more control over dosage. While edibles will likely provide longer and more significant relief, many patients find it difficult to identify a consistent dose. Tinctures are a perfect alternative in these situations as the dropper will allow you to consistently monitor and control your dose down to the milligram.
Form: Cream/Balm/Lotion/Patch
Onset: 1 min - 2 hours
Duration: 4-8 hours
Advantages: Localized relief, non-psychoactive, easy to apply. Low to no mental effect.
Disadvantages: External use only.
In addition to both the vaporizable products and edible products, Ohio has also approved THC and CBD-infused patches, lotions, creams, and ointments for topical administration. Topical treatments are often used to ease specific areas of the body. Cancer patients, for example, can use topical creams on their hands or feet to reduce the tingling sensation derived from chemotherapy treatments.
These delivery methods are absorbed through the skin, allowing patients to apply THC or CBD products directly to an affected area. Patients usually begin to feel relief with topicals within roughly an hour of application.
With all of these different forms available for medical marijuana patients, there should be no trouble finding the most effective product and delivery method that is going to work best with your preferences, conditions and lifestyle. Be sure to call Ohio Marijuana Card toll free at 1-866-457-5559. Our staff will walk you through the various delivery methods if you're unsure which one is right for you. We will also provide an action plan that will result in effective treatment of your medical condition.