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  • Jordan T. Smith

Should You Switch to Vaping Medical Marijuana?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Why Vaping Medical Marijuana is Better Than Smoking

Old habits can be seemingly impossible to break, which is one reason why many cannabis users still prefer more traditional consumption methods like bowls or joints. The reality is that even though consumers may enjoy those traditional methods, they aren’t necessarily the best from a long-term health perspective.

That’s one of the main reasons why patients in the Ohio Medical Marijuana program are prohibited from smoking medical marijuana they receive from dispensaries. Even though that’s the case, making the transition from smoking to vaping could be more beneficial than users ever imagined.

Along with posing fewer health risks than traditional consumption methods, vaping medical marijuana could also be just as, if not more enjoyable, too. Get more details about some of the benefits and risks of vaping marijuana in comparison to smoking below:

Risks Associated with Smoking Medical Marijuana

Although many experts conclude that smoking marijuana isn’t as harmful as smoking tobacco products, there are still many risks associated with it. The combustion of plant matter can produce tar and carcinogens, along with other harmful byproducts.

Those byproducts could lead to serious conditions like cancer. Additionally, a long-term marijuana smoking habit could lead to increased risk of stroke and blockages in veins and arteries. Vaping medical marijuana instead of smoking it could prevent those conditions while still providing the medicinal relief they rely on. Even though the traditional consumption methods of marijuana may seem harmless, the fact is that they can cause irreparable damage in the long run. Marijuana has a proven ability to provide relief for certain conditions, but ingesting it correctly is key to being able to get that relief without the risk of incurring other serious health defects.

While vaping medical marijuana is a much safer alternative to vaping, it can still pose some health risks. The risks associated with vaping medical marijuana often depends on numerous variables like the device being used and the quality of the flower being used.

Drawbacks Associated with Vaping Medical Marijuana

Vaping marijuana is a safer alternative to smoking it in a paper or cigar, but that doesn’t mean it comes completely free of any risks or downfalls. Since a consumer is still inhaling smoke while vaping, consumers are still exposed to some of the same chemicals that they would be upon smoking. Another reason why traditional cannabis users may be apprehensive about making the switch to vaping is because of the learning curve associated with making the change. For starters, there are so many vaporizers on the market that choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Additionally, choosing the right vaporizer could mean making a costly investment. Luckily for consumers, there are enough choices on the marketplace to find a reliable device that’s simple enough to learn after a few uses.

Also, since vaporizing marijuana has become more popular over the course of the last few years, there are now a multitude of ways of collecting the feedback and insights necessary in making the right decision regarding purchasing a new device. While choosing to vape medical marijuana may present some initial obstacles to traditional cannabis consumers, overcoming them can lead to improvements in both long-term and short-term health.

Methods of Vaping Medical Marijuana

One of the biggest benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Ohio is that patients have a multitude of options for choosing what product they’d prefer to vape. For instance, remember the fake vape cartridge scare from a few years back?

Patients have the option to purchase legitimate THC and CBD cartridges from certified dispensaries across the state. Patients also have the option to purchase concentrates along with regular cannabis. Essentially, patients have the option to purchase and vape whichever cannabis products work best for them.

The important thing for patients to remember when it comes to vaping marijuana products is that most devices aren’t “one-size fits all”. What that means is, just because a vaporizer works with one particular product, doesn’t mean users will be able to vape multiple products with it.

For example, let’s say a patient has a preference for vaping dry flower but they want to change things up and try a cartridge. That patient would have to make sure they bought a vape pen with 510 compatible threading because the same device they use for dry flower won’t work with a cartridge. Understanding what products certain devices are compatible with is vital in having a positive experience with vaping medical marijuana.

Benefits Associated With Vaping Medical Marijuana

Another way patients benefit from vaporizing medical marijuana is by having an accurate idea of the physical effects they can have. Unbeknownst to most consumers, vaping medical marijuana is more efficient than traditional methods of consumption.

Research shows that vaporizers convert 46% of available THC into vapors where the average joint only converts fewer than 25% of THC into smoke. Along with being more efficient than traditional consumption methods, vaporizing medical marijuana also provides less of an odor than smoking would. This makes vaporizing medical marijuana the clear superior option for medical marijuana patients who value a discreet method of consumption.

For cannabis consumers who have yet to familiarize themselves with the benefits of vaporizing cannabis, it's natural to have reservations about changing to vaping. Luckily, enough research has been conducted to conclude that vaporizing medical marijuana is a much safer alternative to smoking.

Ohio cannabis consumers who believe that they’d benefit from the relief medical marijuana provides should schedule an appointment with a certified medical marijuana professional today.


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