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  • Jordan T. Smith

How to Find Medical Marijuana Concentrates that Work for You

finding the concentrates that work for you

For more traditional Ohio cannabis consumers, concentrates might fall into the category of uncharted waters. Luckily for patients in the Ohio medical marijuana program, there’s enough variety among the selection of concentrates that there’s something for everyone.

The first step is developing an accurate idea of what concentrates are, along with how they can make you feel. After that, it’s time to get more insights about what products are available at Ohio dispensaries, to find out which would be the best fit for you.

Once you’ve developed a familiarity with concentrates, you may find that they’re just as effective as traditional flower. Maybe you’ll even discover you like concentrates more than traditional cannabis! As with anything new, it can be intimidating and off putting at first, but over time you may regret that you’ve waited so long to give them a try. Some options as far as medical marijuana concentrates go include:

Vape Cartridges and Vape Pens

The influx of dangerous, fake THC cartridges that infiltrated many communities a couple of years back helped to expose many people to the concept of vaping THC concentrates. Thanks to the introduction of Ohio’s medical marijuana program, Ohioans who qualify for medical marijuana can simply pick them up at a local dispensary.

THC vape cartridges that are on the shelves of Ohio cannabis dispensaries have been tested and approved by an entity committed to upholding safety standards in any cannabis product being sold to medical marijuana patients. For patients, they provide a safe, discreet and effective method for treating a number of different ailments. Another benefit of vape cartridges is the fact that they’re so simple to use. All it takes is a battery or vape pen and the cartridge of your choice. After making sure the device has a full charge, simply connect the cartridge into the pen and then you’re all set!

Raw Medical Marijuana Concentrates and Extracts

Consuming raw concentrates is similar to using vape cartridges. The biggest difference between the two is the way they’re prepared for consumer purchase. While cartridges are essentially just plug and play, raw concentrates are a little more complicated. Concentrates typically come in small jars, usually in the quantity of about a gram or so. After purchase, consumers can choose to vape the concentrate by purchasing a different device similar to one used for cartridges.

Another method for consuming them is with an electronic dab/oil rig. Ohio medical marijuana patients who choose to use an electronic rig for consuming their concentrates should try to make sure their selected device doesn’t break any rules set forth by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Commission.

Due to certain language within the rules for consuming medical marijuana that ban smoking as an approved method of consumption, anyone who chooses to use an electronic rig for concentrates should do their homework on their selected device.

CBD Dominant Medical Marijuana Concentrates

CBD, technically referred to as Cannabidol is the non-psychoactive compound present in cannabis plants. It counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC either as an extract or in its natural, plant form. Whether a concentrate is more dominant in CBD or THC has a big impact on how it’ll affect patients.

While each offers a similar sensation, they each have their own set of medicinal qualities. For example, CBD concentrates are primarily used to treat illnesses like neurological disorders, chronic pain and anxiety. Patients who prefer to use CBD concentrates for their illnesses won’t experience as intense of a psychoactive reaction, or “high” as those who prefer concentrates that are high in THC.

Patients who enjoy the relief cannabis provides them without the high that follows are likely to enjoy CBD concentrates more than THC ones. Luckily for those patients there is no shortage of CBD concentrates to choose from at dispensaries around the state.

For starters, there are multiple CBD dominant cartridges available at the Rise dispensary. Patients who are interested in trying a CBD dominant extract should check out their Lunar Wave Subcritcal Sugar product from Standard Wellness.

THC Dominant Medical Marijuana Concentrates

THC, technically referred to as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid most Ohio cannabis users are familiar with. Even though the euphoric “high” it produces is one of the main factors leading to its widespread popularity, the cannabinoid is responsible for a number of medical qualities, too.

Along with serving as an appetite stimulant and a sleeping aid, THC can also be effective in treating glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. When it comes to THC concentrates, patients should understand that since oil is such a highly concentrated THC product that it can be twice as strong as traditional flower.

Users interested in trying THC concentrates should have no problem finding a product that fits their needs at a local dispensary. Patients interested in trying out THC dominant concentrates or cartridges can access a multitude of products from The Botanist, including the new Superflux Diamonds & Sauce concentrates.

The world of medical marijuana concentrates can be confusing or intimidating at first, but the caring professionals at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries are happy to clear up any questions patients have about consuming them safely. To determine if you’re eligible to treat your pain using medical marijuana concentrates in Ohio, schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor today.


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If you have any questions, call us at (866) 457-5559, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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