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How To Renew Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Updated: 6 days ago

Under Ohio law, it is required that registered medical marijuana patients renew their card every year. So what steps are required to renew your card? In this article, we will take a look at all the things you need to do before your medical marijuana card expires.

When Can You Begin Renewing My Ohio Marijuana Card?

According to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, patients will be able to renew their card 90 days before the expiration date found on their registry card. Patients will receive email reminders from the state 45 days, 15 days and 1 day prior to their registration expiration date if they have not already renewed their card.

Medical Marijuana Card Expiration Date

Do You Need To See A Doctor Again To Renew My Ohio Marijuana Card?

Yes. It is required that patients schedule an appointment and meet with a certified physician every year in order to renew their card.

Similar to patients' initial appointment before receiving their medical marijuana card, they will meet with the doctor to discuss their qualifying condition and review any medical records available. Generally, patients can use the same medical records they had at their initial evaluation unless otherwise stated by the doctor. If a patient's condition is treatable, they may have to prove they still have an active diagnosis and provide additional documentation. But in most cases, patients can use their medical records from the previous year if they are still current and accurate.

Do I Need To Submit Another Application To The State In Order To Renew My Card?

After meeting with the doctor and obtaining a new written recommendation, patients will need to login to their Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry account to activate their renewal.

Once signed into their account, patients will select the button labeled ‘Renew Card’ and follow the prompts. A registration fee of $50 is required in order to process the renewal. After submitting the fee, patients will be redirected to their profile where a new I.D. card will be present with a new expiration date.

How Do I Renew My Status As a Medical Marijuana Caregiver?

The caregivers designated patient must simply inform their doctor that they’d like to extend the caregiver's status and it will be approved by the physician. Similar to the patient renewal process, caregivers will need to login to their Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry account, select ‘Renew Card’ and also pay the required state fee.

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