Ohio Dispensaries Now Offering Order Ahead and Curbside Pickup

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Ohio dispensaries are beginning to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety and health of patients and their staff. Many dispensaries are now allowing patients to call in their order ahead of time which can then be picked up at the dispensary. Some facilities are also starting to implement curbside pickup. This way, patients can drive to the dispensary and pickup their medicine without having to enter the dispensary or leave their car!

Which Dispensaries in Ohio Offer Call Ahead Ordering and Curbside Pickup?

The following list below shows which dispensaries are now offering call ahead ordering and curbside pickup for patients. While these services are still new to the medical marijuana program, we can expect to see more dispensaries begin to offer these services.

Dispensaries Offering Curbside Pickup:

Dispensaries Offering Call Ahead Orders:

*Risk-Free Guarantee: Refunds are not available should you miss your appointment or fail to supply medical records demonstrating a qualifying condition before meeting with a doctor. Refunds not applicable to PTSD evaluations.



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