What Is Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa?

The cannabis plant has tremendous potential as a treatment option for a wide variety of different medical conditions. One of the most unique characteristics of marijuana throughout history has been the different strains that have been created by growers across the world. Because marijuana has such a vast library of strains it is an ideal resource for new medical discoveries.


Strain development is an important step to understanding how cannabis works in the body. Even better, researchers can now engineer specific types of marijuana that have unique medicinal characteristics associated with them.


Each strain is developed from of the three basic types of marijuana: Indica, Sativa and Hybrids.

What is indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana

What Does Indica, Sativa, And Hybrid Marijuana Mean?

At the most basic level, there are three different types of cannabis plants:​​​

  • Indica

    • cannabis Indica plants are produced with higher CBD and lower THC counts, meaning that Indica medicinal strains are best used for increased mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, decreased nausea, decreased acute pains, increased appetite, increase of dopamine levels, and is most often used for night-time use to aid with insomnia. Indica plants are typically shorter and bushier plants with wide leaves, in comparison to the Sativa plant.

    • Common Terpenes: Myrcene | Linalool | Linalool | Terpinolene

  • Sativa

    • cannabis Sativa plants are produced with higher THC and lower CBD counts, meaning that Sativa medicinal strains are best used for anti-anxiety, anti-depression, treatment with chronic pain, increased focus and creativity, increased serotonin, and is most often used for daytime use. Sativa plants are typically tall and thin plants with narrow leaves, and is generally a lighter shade of green compared to the Indica plant.

    • Common Terpenes: Caryophyllene | Limonene | Pinene

  • Hybrid

    • ​There are a wide range of cannabis strains between Indica and Sativa; these strains are known as hybrids and can be broken down into three basic categories:

      • Sativa-dominant Hybrids: a cerebral high with a relaxing body effect, these strains provide physical and mental relief.

      • Even Hybrids (50/50): ideal strains for patients seeking a perfect balance of head and body relief.

      • Indica-dominant Hybrids: these strains provide a full-body pain relief, with a relaxing head high. Recommended for nighttime use to go to sleep, or daytime relief from minor pain, these strains are perfect for patients who suffer from all types of autoimmune diseases as well as insomnia or depression.

  • CBD-Dominant

    • Some strains available in Ohio dispensaries will have a dominance of the cannabinoid CBD rather than THC. In these strains, there will be little to no psychoactivity associated as CBD inhibits the uptake of THC by cannabinoid receptors. For this reason, CBD-dominant products are ideal solutions for patients wishing to avoid the psychoactive effect of THC while still obtaining the relief.​


How To Purchase Marijuana In Ohio

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