Can I Smoke Marijuana in Ohio?

For most people, the word “marijuana” conjures up images of joints, water pipes and bowls. While many other states cater to these cannabis delivery methods in their state’s dispensaries, Ohio forbids the act of smoking marijuana in their medical marijuana bill (Ohio HB 523). Instead, Ohio lawmakers recommend that cannabis be administered through a variety of alternative methods, including vaporization.


Some patients may not be aware of what a vaporizer is, or what it does, but it’s actually a healthier and more beneficial method of ingesting your medicine for immediate relief.


What Does It Mean to Vape Marijuana?

In essence, a vaporizer is a device that has a built-in heating component that cooks the THC and CBD off of the flower or oil without combusting plant material.

A helpful analogy is to think of a vaporizer like an oven: the heating component in the vaporizer acts as the oven and bakes the medicine, creating a vapor (rather than smoke) that is then inhaled. So, instead of breathing in burnt plant matter and the additional harmful byproducts of smoke, you will be ingesting only the medicine that you need to feel instant relief!

Is Vaping Marijuana Healthy?

Vaporizers are actually known to offer several health benefits over inhaling marijuana smoke. While the marijuana plant is an incredible medicine, the act of burning it is less than desirable as any type of smoke contains gases and particulates that can create lung irritation and respiratory problems. And in relation to the odor, vaporizers typically have very minimal smell compared to the pronounced odor of marijuana smoke.

In addition to eliminating the harmful toxins associated with smoking, there are additional benefits that are connected with using vaporizers. Vaping can deliver a higher administration of the active compounds, THC and CBD. These compounds are delivered through smoking marijuana as well, but many are lost or destroyed through the act of combusting the plant material.

Vaping medical marijuana in Ohio

The used or vaped dry herb can also be ground into a powder and consumed or sprinkled over food, just like an edible or tincture, extending the life of your marijuana purchase.

What Kind of Marijuana Vaporizer Should I Get?

​For those wishing to choose this method of ingestion, there are two main types of vaporizers to consider: mobile pen/handheld vaporizers and plug-in tabletop options. Each of these devices can range anywhere from modestly inexpensive ($30) to very expensive ($500 or more), giving patients the option to choose the device that is going to work best with your medical needs and personal finances.


Most vaporizers have the ability to vaporize both flower and concentrated oils. However there are some devices that are specifically used for flower or for oils. For flower, the dry herb must be finely ground and then placed into the heating chamber, which is usually activated by a button that will heat the device and vaporize the CBD and THC. For oils, simply put the oil in the chamber and beginning heating.


Can I Use Medical Marijuana Without Vaporizing in Ohio?

If vaporizing does not sound like a method that will work best for you, fear not. Ohio has approved a variety of different products to be accessible to patients across our state. Other forms will include edibles, such as gummies and candy bars that are infused with THC/CBD, supplemental pills, and tinctures which come in an eyedropper and can be dripped in your mouth or onto food. In addition to the consumables and flower/oils there will also be topicals and lotions that can be rubbed on specific problem areas; this method is absorbed through the skin.


At any of the 57 dispensaries throughout the state, you will have access to the type, and form, of medicine that is going to work best for you!


If you have any further questions, or you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our state-licensed medical marijuana doctors, feel to call us and our friendly staff will walk you through the approval process.