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  • Jordan T. Smith

3 Female Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs to Acknowledge During Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, so there’s no better time to learn more about some of the most notable women entrepreneurs. In the business of medical marijuana, there have been numerous insurmountable barriers that women have been forced to overcome in order to accomplish their goals. Their participation within the industry has been a positive for medical marijuana patients, in fact, some of their contributions may surprise you. Contributions from the biggest medical marijuana women entrepreneurs can be found below.

Mary Pryor - Co-Founder of Cannaclusive

Crohn’s Disease is a condition that can qualify a person for medical marijuana, and it’s no surprise that it introduced someone to the business of medical marijuana. Co-founder of Cannaclusive, Mary Pryor, began her journey with cannabis after experiencing discomfort from a Crohn’s Disease diagnosis. Her quality of life declined and led to her friends recommending she try medical marijuana to help alleviate her symptoms. She traveled to Denver, Colorado to get access to medical marijuana strains that ultimately helped her overcome her symptoms.

After a positive experience with medical marijuana, Mary then moved to California and opened Cannaclusive. Cannaclusive is an agency focused on driving more inclusion in the cannabis industry, fostering inclusion through marketing, advocacy, education and wellness guidance. Their ultimate goal is to challenge stereotypes for cannabis consumers everywhere.

Hope Wiseman - Founder of Mary and Main

Becoming a business owner is difficult for numerous obstacles, and somewhere on the list is a lack of experience. Regardless, that wasn’t enough to stop Hope Wiseman who founded Mary and Main in Prince George's County, Maryland. Opening her dispensary made her the youngest Black woman to own a dispensary in the nation. This is a considerably admirable feat, considering the many obstacles to breaking the barriers of entry that exist when it comes to the medical marijuana world.

Wiseman’s mission at Mary and Main is to teach patients about the positive impact medical marijuana can have, while educating them about efforts to end the war on drugs. She opened Mary and Main back in 2018, roughly four years after Maryland legalized medical marijuana. One of Wiseman’s primary goals is to help African-Americans realize the importance of their place within the world of medical marijuana.

Ariane Kirkpatrick - Owner of Harvest of Ohio

In opening the Harvest Dispensary, it was the state’s first female minority-owned dispensary. After opening her first location in Columbus in August of 2021, Ariane Kirkpatrick opened a few more dispensaries throughout the state in the course of the year. In the path to opening up her dispensary, there were bureaucratic challenges. Regardless of the obstacles she faced and will continue to face, Ariane has no doubts that she is here to stay.

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