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  • Jordan T. Smith

Why Medical Marijuana Is an Effective Solution for Multiple Sclerosis

People living with Multiple Sclerosis may be skeptical about the efficacy of medical marijuana for decreasing discomfort caused by MS. Ohio’s medical marijuana program is relatively new, and unlearning decades of negative propaganda predicated on why cannabis is a bad thing is easier said than done. Regardless, there’s significant research conducted that indicates how medical marijuana can be an aid in helping people living with MS overcome their symptoms. Here’s why that’s the case:

Medical Marijuana Can Help Patients Dealing With MS Overcome Muscle Pain and Discomfort

One of the most frequently reported symptoms of MS is muscle pain. Fortunately, numerous studies conducted over the years indicate that medical marijuana can be particularly effective at relieving pain caused by MS. Research shows that both THC and CBD could be helpful for people who hope to overcome their pain. There are a variety of medical marijuana products available at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries capable of assisting in overcoming pain.

People intrigued by the idea of using medical marijuana to overcome pain caused by MS may hope to avoid the psychoactive side effects of it. If this is the case, you can try CBD which can be consumed by inhalation, sublingually, or using topicals like balms or transdermal patches. Among the many benefits that come with purchasing CBD at medical marijuana dispensaries, all CBD products for sale at dispensaries have been tested and approved for safety and quality.

Medical Marijuana Helps People Living With MS Sleep Better at Night

An obstacle caused by MS that could have a long-term negative impact on a person's quality of life is lack of sleep. If you can’t get a full night’s rest, the day ahead is likely to be a sluggish crawl to the finish line. Unfortunately, that’s a fairly common experience for lots of people who live with MS. As a result, more and more people diagnosed with MS are choosing to rely on medical marijuana for treatment in order to get better rest at night.

Due to significant muscle comfort that over-the-counter meds don’t quite do the trick for, getting a good night’s rest instantly becomes a pipe dream. People living with MS should welcome the development that medical marijuana can make it easier for them to get a full night’s rest. There are a variety of cannabis strains offered at medical marijuana dispensaries across Ohio that can help you overcome your struggle with getting 8 hours of sleep at night. And gaining access to those products is likely much more simple than you think!

Medical Marijuana Is Available to People With an MS Diagnosis in Ohio - And This Is How to Start Using It to Treat MS Symptoms

The benefits afforded to people living with MS that have a medical marijuana card are immense. From topicals to cartridges, the vast array of medical marijuana products available to Ohioans in possession of a medical marijuana card could lead to relief levels you never knew were attainable. In order to gain access to those products, simply make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician today! They can help answer any of your questions and construct a patient care plan that best addresses your most pressing symptoms. Obtaining a medical marijuana card is the only thing that separates you from the quality of life you deserve, so get one today!


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