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4 Surprising Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Relieve

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

4 Surprising Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Relieve

Without being glued to the news, it can be difficult to keep up with the conditions that qualify patients for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. The good news about having a medical marijuana program that’s been operating for a while, is that new conditions are being approved on a regular basis! With an expanding medical marijuana program, more and more people are experiencing the relief cannabis provides every day.

Nowadays, 25 different symptoms and conditions qualify candidates for medical marijuana in Ohio, and some may surprise you!

Here are some potentially unexpected conditions a marijuana doctor in Ohio might approve you for:

Hepatitis C

Among the five different types of Hepatitis (ABCD and E), the most common is Hepatitis C. Estimates state that there are millions of Americans who are suffering with the chronic viral infection known as Hepatitis C. Hepatitis is transmitted through blood, so that means people who catch it do so by being exposed to infected tattoo needles, blood transfusions and sometimes through sexual contact.

Even though the disease is most likely short-term, it can be lifelong in some cases, and the process of treating it can be a difficult one for those who are suffering from it. That’s where medical marijuana comes into play.

Facts About Treating Hepatitis C Using Medical Marijuana

Vaporizing THC products can provide near-immediate relief from patients suffering from nausea as a result of treatment for Hepatitis C. Additionally, THC has anti-inflammatory properties that can offset some of the symptoms of people who suffer from disorders that cause inflammation of the liver like Hepatitis C.

Given the benefits medical marijuana has for Hepatitis C, it’s been credited as a resource in helping people suffering from hepatitis C stick to their treatment plans.

Crohn's Disease

Another disorder that medical marijuana can be effective with helping is Crohn’s disease. Statistics show that more than 800,000 people suffer from the irritable bowel disease that causes stomach discomfort, fatigue and inflammation of the digestive tract, joints and liver.

Although there is no known cause of Crohn's disease, risk factors that can lead to developing the disorder include genetics and the development of autoimmune diseases. It’s a lifelong condition that can be managed with the right medication and treatment plan.

Facts About Treating Crohn’s Disease Using Medical Marijuana

Research suggests that patients may want to consider marijuana for crohn’s disease due to its properties as an appetite stimulant and by helping to ease abdominal pains.

Research also states that medical marijuana can help eliminate the need for other prescription medications that relieve the symptoms of crohn’s disease. People suffering from repeated aches and pains as a result of crohn’s disease would likely benefit from trying a medical marijuana tincture with a high concentration of THC since it’s easier to control the dosage relative to the pain you’re experiencing.

Alzheimer’s Disease

A neurological disorder that affects millions of Americans, Alzheimer’s is a disease that can have a debilitating long-term impact on people dealing with it. It costs patients their cognitive abilities, their ability to recall basic information, and ultimately the ability to care for themselves.

Medical marijuana may be a highly effective way of dealing with a number of Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms, which include insomnia and depression. According to a 2016 study, medical marijuana also has evidence in removing harmful proteins that are known to contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s in the brain.

Facts About Treating Alzheimer’s Disease Using Medical Marijuana

For decades, one of the many myths that has persisted about marijuana is that it’s bad for brain health. Studies in recent years have shown that THC contains properties that can actually slow the process of age-related brain degeneration. Although the results are promising regarding the relationship between medical marijuana and Alzheimer's patients, it’s still early. That’s why for now, the FDA currently allows for Alzheimer's patients to incorporate two THC pills into their treatment plans.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects around 400,000 Americans. The root causes of MS are damage to myelin nerve fibers and neurons in the brain which are essentially what the nervous system consists of. Although hundreds of thousands of people nationwide suffer from the disease, no two cases are exactly alike. Some people who suffer from MS experience no symptoms, while others experience symptoms like difficulty walking, muscle spasms, fatigue and depression.

Facts About Treating MS Using Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can help patients suffering from multiple sclerosis in numerous ways. First is the fact that it contains cannabinoids, which can help people suffering from continued pain as a result of MS get to sleep. Research also shows that medical marijuana can help relieve the pain associated with muscle spasms that are common among people suffering from MS. Research on cannabis and how it affects MS patients is still in the works, so there is likely more information about how medical marijuana helps improve their quality of life to come.

Start Treating Your Conditions Using Medical Marijuana in Ohio Today

It’s likely that anyone suffering from any of the conditions listed above may not have known that medical marijuana was ever an option when it comes to their treatment plans. Luckily there has been enough medical research conducted to reveal potential benefits of using medical marijuana to overcome these conditions.

That research has allowed the State of Ohio Pharmaceutical Board to approve the sale of medical marijuana to patients suffering from these conditions at a state-certified dispensary. All it takes is for patients to obtain their medical marijuana card. Anyone in need of an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana physician can make a same-day appointment with Ohio Marijuana Card today.


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