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  • Olivia Castro

73 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Coming to Ohio!

There are some big things coming to Ohio’s medical marijuana program! Yesterday, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved the licensing of 73 new dispensaries. As if that weren’t enough, the dispensaries will be licensed this coming summer! This will increase the total dispensary count across the state to 130 dispensaries.

This is great news for Ohioans! We know how important access to medical marijuana is to you because it is also important to us. With 73 new dispensaries across the state, the dispensary count will more than double! Making access to medical marijuana treatment easier and more convenient for you.

The Board of Pharmacy will be accepting applications for dispensaries this coming June. Applications will be similar to those back in 2017. Those who meet all the requirements will be entered into a lottery based on district. In this lottery, a single company can only acquire five dispensary permits as to make the lottery more fair and diverse.

There has been a growing need for more dispensaries in Ohio since the number of medical marijuana patients is growing by the day! The original 60 dispensary licenses were allotted back in 2017 for a projected 12-24,000 medical marijuana patients in the state. Today, there are over 92,000 medical marijuana patients, a majority of which we have served! This number is only growing and is the driving force behind the increase in medical marijuana dispensaries.

There still are 60 dispensaries up and running now that you can go to for your medical marijuana needs. You can head to our website to find a dispensary near you!


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