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  • Ashley Slimak

Ohio Could Lift Cap On The Number Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Allowed In The State

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is deciding whether to clear the rule that caps the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state at 60.

This change was inspired by a survey taken by Ohio medical marijuana patients last year regarding the current program and included questions about the distance they traveled to dispensaries. Nearly 20% of patients stated that they drove over 30 miles to visit the nearest dispensary.

Currently, there are 57 companies that have dispensary licenses and 52 of those are currently up and operating. The hope of this new rule change is to provide greater access to medication and maintain patient safety.

If the board moves forward with the proposed change, they would then go before a state legislative board that will vote on the rule. If it is passed, then the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio could increase.

To find a medical marijuana dispensary near you, please visit our Ohio Dispensary Locations page to view menus, hours of operation and more.


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