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  • Jordan T. Smith

A Proposed Bill Aims to Expand Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program and Increase Access

Ohio’s medical marijuana program may be young, but it has already had a notable impact on the quality of life of numerous Ohioans. A recent proposal from Ohio’s House seeks to expand the program in a variety of ways, which could lead to even more Ohioans being able to benefit from medical marijuana. The bill passed the Senate and has already had multiple hearings in the state House but does face opponents, including the Center for Christian Virtue and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association. Regardless, if Senate Bill 261 becomes state law, Ohio’s medical marijuana program will be subject to a variety of changes.

Here’s how the bill would reshape Ohio’s medical marijuana program!

Creating a Ratio of One Licensed Retail Dispensary per 1,000 Registered Patients

One of the complaints patients had about Ohio’s medical marijuana program in its infancy was that there weren’t enough dispensaries available. This led to numerous obstacles for patients relying on cannabis to obtain the relief necessary to complete regular everyday tasks. Not only were some patients forced to drive half an hour or longer for their medication, but others had a limited supply of medical marijuana products to choose from due to being far away from dispensaries. This is an issue that the recent State senate bill seeks to eliminate.

Allowing for more medical marijuana dispensaries to operate can help patients by lowering prices and eliminating long drives. As of right now, some patients are forced to pay high gas prices in order to obtain their medical marijuana products adds up over time. If the bill passes, patients will have more options regarding medical marijuana products, along with more favorable rates.

Allowing For the Sale of Different Types of Medical Marijuana Products

As more medical marijuana dispensaries open , the product selection available to patients increases. If the proposed legislation passes, medical marijuana patients will have access to cannabis capsules, lotions, inhalers, suppositories, oral pouches, and sprays. This is welcome news to both new and prospective patients alike, because some people simply prefer to consume their medications in pill form. Also, having the ability to choose from more discreet methods like inhalers and sprays may encourage people who are interested in marijuana but turned away by vaping to consider giving the program a chance.

A benefit of increasing the variety of medical marijuana products available on the shelves of Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries is the impact it could have on driving down the price of cannabis products . Another aspect of the bill is that dispensaries could advertise without prior approval from the State. These changes have the potential to completely reinvent Ohio’s medical marijuana industry as we know it.

Expanding the List of Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

As of right now, Ohio’s list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana consists of 25 conditions ranging from AIDS to Tourette's Syndrome. If senate bill 261 passes, that list will grow to more than 30. The bill would add conditions including arthritis, migraines, autism spectrum disorder, spasticity, opioid use disorder, hospice care, and chronic muscle spasms. If these conditions were to be added to Ohio’s list of qualifying conditions, there would be many more Ohioans able to obtain medical marijuana.

As of right now, Ohioans are forced to treat these conditions with over the counter drugs and prescriptions likely to provide mixed results. Additionally, some Ohioans may treat these conditions on their own with cannabis from the illegitimate market. The passage of senate bill 261 would allow for lots of Ohioans to no longer risk their freedom just to obtain the relief necessary to live a functional, productive life.

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